Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I Agree to Take in Another Horse.

Luca has not been claimed, nobody has rung the dog warden or the police about this beautiful dog. As I have been getting to know him I notice he has more than a slight interest in our sheep and I think that may be why nobody has come forward for him. Any dog that is not good with sheep in this area is an abolute no no. Rhian thinks he is only about 9 months old and I bow to her wisdom over this breed - with 7 of her own there is little she does not know about German Shepherds, oh and George Michael of course.See her blog Talistails for tales of her dogs(and the odd mention of George)She tells me that her mother thinks that Rhian at 40 years of age should have grown up a bit and is far too old to have an obsession with a pop star.Well I say forget growing up Rhian stay as young as you want. (sorry Rhians mum)Take a leaf out of my book R, I am still waiting for a sign that I have become a mature sensible adult!"
I think I had mentioned the office roof is leaking and badly needs to be re roofed. Well today supporters Peter and Hazel travelled up from Flintshire to measure the roof for this purpose.Peter was the man who saved our cattery roof from completely collapsing, the company he works for kindly donated the materials for a new roof and Peter and a friend toiled away to replace our rotting timbers and roofing sheets so that the cats would have a warm and leak free environment.Now he is going to do the same for Veronica and me (not replace OUR rotting timbers but rather the office in which we work!)It is none too comfortable working in an office with water dripping in whenever we have rainfall causing the electrics to fuse.Everything grinds to a halt,computer (I have lost so much work)lights etc.The last time it occurred I bought a back up for the computer, I dont want to lose hours of work again, it is so frustrating when that happens. Even better, these two cat lovers adopted 2 kittens to add to their ever growing feline family(see photo of Peter with the 'chosen ones') I suspect they had something like this in mind as they just 'happened' to have a cat basket ready in their car!

David is back today painting the outside of the office, he has worked solidly for three days and the buildings are looking so much better.He is such a hard worker. I always tell people that I appreciate their help but I wonder if they realise just HOW much I do? After 8 years of working in Wales trying to get this shelter on its feet with little support, the fact that now that it is being offered in many different ways by local(and not so local) animal lovers means that I feel we are not alone in our work.People do care and are showing that in their offers of help. It means a great deal to me.

This morning I am seething with rage at a phone call I have taken from a horse owner.I am careful to say owner NOT horse lover as there is a very big difference in many cases. I have been asked to take a 9 years old Purebred Arab mare aged 9 years. She is unwanted becasue she is no longer able to be used as a brood mare! Her owner gave her away to this person, told her in fact to take her Beeston Horse Sales ( a nightmare of a place for genuine horse lovers and much worse for the poor horses which fail to go to good homes)
Thinking she could make money out of her the current owner turned back and later
bred twin foals from her after which it was discovered the mare had a hernia .On Vets advice she is no longer able to breed from her and she has never been ridden nor can she ever be.What does that mean for this poor horse? it means she is no use to anyone, she cannot make money for her owner so is cast aside on the rubbish tip! Now do you understand why I am angry? I am going to take her because she does not deserve to die and this woman will take her to the slaughterhouse if I dont.I am under no illusions about her, she will definitely do it, she has already made the trip once and only turned back because she thought she could make some cash out of this poor animal. Due to some ponies going out to loan homes we will have a spare stable for her although from what I gather she has never had this luxury! Anyhow I rang her back and Sorrel as she is named is coming in to us tomorrow afternoon.
I am sure many people will be as outraged as I am over the video in the media of the young girl throwing newborn pups into the river. What is wrong with youngsters(and adults) that this is amusing to them, what is in their warped minds? Here in Caernarfon we are having a problem with youngsters without minds/conscience.The police are involved and seem to be taking it seriously for a change.It involves cruelty to a chicken (she lived)and cats (in one of the incidents not been found)but I am not going into details because we have all read similar stories and for many of us these tales prey on our minds.Suffice it to say I will be very careful where I home our cats at the moment which is sad for those true animal lovers who live near these vile youngsters. Im sure that there will be people defending them , blaming their actions on their bad home lives and maybe it is true with some but it is hard to find sympathy when innocents are being killed for fun.
Anyhow to end on a positive good note, the lovely people who reserved old Precious and Magic plus one other cat Becky .came to visit them today and the cattery staff had asked me to mention Lily to them.Lily , a shy little cat has apparently been sleeping with Precious and they were troubled that she would miss her when they went. I suggested that they could take Lily instead of Becky but unbelievably, they are taking all four needy cats. How wonderful is that? It has been a good end to the day.


pamela said...

"I am still waiting for a sign that I have become a mature sensible adult!"

Errm - I remember years back you and I decided 'mature' was when we felt we had to hang up our blue denim jeans for fear of looking like mutton!!
Clinging to mine for dear life--

lesley said...

I had forgotten that!
Blue rinses used to be the thing in mums day, god forbid!

john mike said...

rhians mum is a very nice sensible woman.a better taste in music as well im sure, shame it doesnt run in the family

lesley said...

oops: dont tell Rhian that. You will be a goner!