Monday, 23 August 2010

The rottweiller I was so worried about has been found a home, thank goodness for that, I have been so worried.The 4 Abersoch dogs are safe for now too -seems he was just trying it on to make us do something!Why do people think they need to threaten us? If we did not want to help we would not be involved in rescuing animals!

I spent the best part of today waiting for Mei to be seen to in the hospital in Bangor, as those who know her will appreciate, she has been in a great deal of pain with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrist(think I have spelled it correctly?) After numerous trips to the hospital and being passed from department to department, she has still not received treatment for it.This has gone on for 15 months.Unbelievable!So much for the National Health System.

I had aranged to take in a kitten and today the owner said she wanted us to take the mother cat too, I was only too pleased to do so.I know an irresponsible owner when I see one.Its funny but sometimes within seconds of a telephone conversation an impression can be formed and usually its right though I will admit I have been wrong a FEW times. I hasten to add that it does not happen very often! I wont say that my judgement is perfect but over the years one becomes fairly intuitive with people but when a mistake is made it is usually a whopper of one! Strangely though, my choice of male partners over the years has been somewhat lacking in the same good judgement, I wonder why I fail to apply the same intuition with them?My friends often come to me for relationship advice.Are they mad?Who in their right mind would come to me for that type of advice? I am thinking of writing a book with the title ' How to Find a Dysfuncntional Partner, Guaranteed 100 percent success rate!"

Meg collie has been returned, I think it was the wrong home because she is a really nice and well behaved, responsive dog.(It was not me who did the homecheck)She is lively as are all young collies but I fail to see the problem with her.Sometimes it is not the fact that the new owner is a bad one but rather that the two are not compatible.That is why the best collie homes are with those who have personal experience of the breed and ideally have another collie(s)If they are involved with their local agility group then it bodes even better for the dog becasue I know then that he/she will not go short of both physical and mental stimulation.

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