Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Golden Girls

Its been a busy week, I often feel there arent enough days in the week for the jobs that need doing here.Im also backwards and forward to Liverpool a lot, for Trustee meetings or other important meetings concerning the 2 Shelters. With a new management team in place for Liverpool there are many teething problems to iron out but on a personal level I feel a great sense of relief that there are now 3 competent people taking over the running of the Liverpool shelter. When the last manager left recently after 25 years of involvement in the charity there was a time of panic, a time where there was doubt that we would find anyone to fill his shoes. I feel renewed enthusiasm with all the new ideas and suggestions being bandied about at these meetings, its good to have new people on board.
The Westie I took in 2 weeks ago has gone to a home this weekend but it has been incrediby quiet for cats, i think the dreadful weather must be putting off visitors. The rain has been incessant and once again the fields are suffering.i spent an hour last night trying to coax a racing pigeon off the kitchen roof, this is not the safest resting place for an exhausted bird.Fortunately the rain has meant that the cats are all staying inside , i dont think they have noticed him yet. I will try again today, he probably just needs food and rest so he can continue his journey.
Have taken in an elderly black labrador which was to be destroyed, his owner said he didnt even like dogs!!!!!!!!!! Laddie has lived outside all his life, why didnt he give him away years ago to someone who could have given hinm the love and attention all animals deserve.What a waste of this dogs life. i also have a new member of the household, Muffin an 8 years old Dogue de Bordeaux was brought to me from Lampeter where the owner had moved in with her new man, leaving her pets behind.The poodle and the three cats were snapped up but nobody wanted this middle aged and very large dog.Currently she is sharing space with my other 3 big dogs and they are getting on wonderfully, what a superb natured dog she is.Someone will have a great family pet if I ever find anyone suitable! I now have 4 golden coloured females, so i have nicknamed them - The Golden Girls.
Finally it has been a traumatic week too, with losing MOnty .Then Trixe the 11 years old retriever I took in a year ago(she was taken to our vet to be destroyed)has had to have a massive mammary tumour removed.Trixie was the most nervous dog I have seen for a long while,terrified of everybody she met and in 18 months she has transformed into a happy friendly animal who especially adores Molly the Great Dane.They are always lying almost on top of each other in their basket and Trixie constantly gazes adoringly at Molly.She has recovered well from the operation, however bit seems Molly who has lost some weight recently, has the beginnings of kidney failure!It never rains but it pours.
Tara seems fine without her old pal, we did try the old labrador with her but she was not at all impressed, nor was he so that was never going to be a match made in heaven. What a shame.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Goodbye Monty

Well the dreaded day arrived.We lost our dear old Monty. It was on the cards, he was living on borrowed time but nevertheless it has been a very sad time for all of us at the shelter, he was such a part of freshfields and it will seem odd seeing his friend Tara without him. He was such a funny old man, when he arrived here as a stray 4 years ago, he wouldnt look at people and if anyone went to pat him he would walk away, he was almost autistic if this is a possibility for a dog. Over the past year, he suddenly became more responsive and would actually approach the staff for attention though would not allow it for any length of time, moving away when he had had enough.Still, it was a great improvement on the aloof dog of earlier years, of course it mnakes me wonder what sort of life he had before, no dog is like this for no reason but Im happy that he became more people friendly of late.It gave him a better quality of life. We will miss you Monty.

Monday, 11 February 2008

An embedded cat collar !

Well Im back online after a period of struggling to use a very sick computer.There is no doubt computerisation is useful but when there are problems, patience (of which I have little) is most definitely required.Its a beautiful sunny day today, the birds are singing away in the treetops and dogwalking becomes a pleasure.However, not all is well with the world even on a day like this.I have had to call in the RSPCA after a young woman brought in her cat for rehoming.her excuse was that she was moving to her parents and that the cat did not like humans!!The poor cat "Tess" had her front leg through a collar which had become embedded in her flesh, she had a very nasty open wound requiring 6 stitches! How was this ignored by her owner. the cat must have been in a great deal of pain and discomfort, never mind the fact that it was glaringly obvious the collar was NOT around her neck as it should have been!!!!Totally unbelievaBLE, what did she think when she looked at her pet? Did she think the cat was nasty to her for no reason? Now the collar has been cut off and Tess is no longer in pain, she is a very sweet little soul.
Im also looking for a home for a little West Highland Terrier whose owner neglected him, he is the nicest natured Westie I have ever come across but so shy and quiet.He is so quiet the other dogs take no notice of him and he is marvellous with cats - the downside(there has to be one) is that he seems nervous of going outside to do his toilet, he did his first outside yesterday which was incredibly exciting - yes I know I need to get a life!!!!!!
The other dog is Muffin an 8 years old Dogue de Bordeaux whose owner moved in with her new man and left Muffin and her other pets for others to take over what should have been her responsibility.8years is quite elderly for this type of mastiff but she is so gentle and good natured I am sure someone will take pity on her especially as she is another who is good with other animals.That is always a bonus.
I had wonderful news yesterday.Some months ago I highlighted the problem of horses and donkeys in France which were being sent to slaughterhouses in Italy and so not only faced an untimely death but the trauma of a long overland journey. It seems my story touched the hearts of some people who were involved in a German Shepherd Club.These wonderful people raised the money to bring over 6 donkeys.I was very moved to see the photos and I am so grateful to them all for saving them.It quite restores my faith in human nature.