Saturday, 31 January 2009

I need to find homes urgently

John has been checked out at hospital and is feeling ok again.A great relief, however Rhian slipped and fell whilst walking the dogs, she cracked her head on a stone and her husband had to be called to come and get her, she was very shaken up and I worried she may have concussion.So another hospital visit but again all is well though both will need to take it easy for a few days.What next?
The two handsome dogs above, Anya and Rocky are in an urgent situation, their owner has become homeless and only has a few days to find these dogs a home.I am trying to place them via the internet sites for dogs as I cant take them here, they are too vociferous and I have to be so careful of complaints.I am placing my faith in the success we have had so far with placing our dogs out the area.Even homecheckers can be found through this media - wonderful.A new friend in Coventry has just done a successful home visit for one of our dogs so we hope to home another collie cross this coming week.Another will be going to live in East Sussex.
The cats are still going, slowly but surely, altogether our rehoming figures are much improved lately.Nell, One of our cats has been picked up in Bangor by a member of the Cats Protection League, she was surprised on a visit to the vet to find the(stray) cat had been microchipped and was registered to Freshfields.So far I am unable to contact the person who adopted her.I am concerned that the cat is not in tiptop condition, and that she has not been reported missing. This does not bode well in my eyes and I fear she may be coming back to the shelter.I am grateful to Barbara the CPL lady for taking her in and caring for her.Thank goodness for the microchip system but how worrying that unsuitable owners can slip through the net - even with years of experience behind me, this can still happen, people can be so plausible when they want something.Very disheartening but at least little Nell is safe and will be returned to us.
We had a visit today from a family interested in having a shetland pony as a companion to another horse. They liked Rollo and also Sam and |Murphy, I think Rolli may be the one they decide upon, we will know tomorrow and Then we can do the homecheck.They seem ideal so I am quietly confident.We really do need to find some more loan homes for our ponies.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An ambulance is called for a volunteer.

Oh no, Barney has been returned. After a promising start, the dogs began to fight over possessions. What a shame, he could have had such a good life there, will try to home him on his own next time though he was always really good with other dogs here.I wonder if Bobbys aggression towards him had made him determined this time that He will be the leader of the pack. Caesar Milan, where are you? For those who do not know this name, he is a brilliant dog behavourist who has become a celebrity in the Us where he works. I watch his Tv programmes with total awe, he works by understanding the mentality of a dog and his position in the pack, its all common sense but because most of us attribute human characteristics to dogs, we can fail to read the signs they give us which would tell us what mood they are in.Wonderful stuff.He is not unattractive either which makes the watching even more pleasurable!
Another 2 adult cats reserved, a little black and white fluffy which was taken to the vet to be destroyed- why - because it was a homeless stray and had the misfortune to turn up on the doorstep of someone who regularly takes strays for destruction.She will be going with a shy little black female who has lived in one room with her owner who recently died.I honestly thought she would be here a long time and she has only been here 2 weeks.
Barbara has set off for South Wales to visit her family and to deliver some mice to homes in the area.The Liverpool shelter are taking 8 which I will deliver when I go to the monthly trustee meeting tomorrow and then that will leave us with about 10 and whatever he has left running round his car!
Celt and Shamrock, 2 of the colts are feeling the cold today and have grown out of their rugs so that is an extra expense to face this week, there is always something extra to find money for.Merlin has such a thick natural coat, he is impervious to the frequent weather changes.
We had an ambulance here today, volunteer handyman John had a bad dizzy spell and felt very unwell, Rosie and Vanessa accompanied him to the hospital for tests. We were all very shocked,he always seems so fit and well. I hope he is back to normal soon.Typical of John he was still cracking jokes when the paramedics arrived but he was clearly not feeling right and looked shaky and whitefaced.
People have been very kind to me on hearing the news of my brother, thanks to everyone who sent emails,cards etc.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Chester finally finds a home!

Its been an emotional few days for me, my brother has died and although we had a very difficult and often stormy relationship, I can only suppose that as the saying goes blood is thicker than water and I have been more upset than I would have imagined. He was an animal lover also and he and his wife Rita adopted a small colony of feral cats in their garden which they had neutered through Freshfields. Over the years they have also had rescued dogs and one in particular Ben the boxer was not the easiest of dogs but he lived with them until his demise many years later.He was succeeded by Chico, an abandoned Shi-tsu pup who is now extremely old and frail.I always believed my brother and I had nothing in common but when I look back I see he had a compassionate side which perhaps I overlooked.Why is we see these things when it is too late?
Back to shelter issues - we have 2 elderly cats due to go out to homes next week and Chester who has been with us for a year has finally cracked it! never having been noticed by anyone, he has now struck lucky and has started life in a home of his own.This is one of the things that makes this work seem worthwhile, I cannot wait to hear how he is settling with his new family.He is pictured at the bottom of the photo, the other cat was his brother Charlie who was homed quite some time ago.Rhian has just said to me that the cattery seems strange without the presence of Chester but we are all glad he has gone. They are not here to spend their lives, they are all here to find loving homes and that is now what he has, a success story albeit a long time coming.
I have had a telephone call from someone who thinks Sadie is their dog who went missing nearly a year ago! having compared photos of the missing dog and Sadie I am fairly certain this is not the case but they are coming over later to see her.I must remember to put crockery away each night, this morning she has knocked down my draining rack with plates and cups, I need to go the charity shop to replace them or I will be forced to eating out of saucepans!!
Last night was horrendous, a hurricane type gale kept William awake most of the night, he hates loud noises and was shaking like a leaf.If its not fireworks, its the weather, poor old William.This morning he is crashed out on the sofa in the conservatory , on cold days he works his way under the sofa covers so he is snug and warm, the cats all ignore him and position themselves around the lump! He is so laid back the cats totally accept his presence.
I hear that Christy collie(now called Ben)is doing well in his new home in Dorset though he has been hard work the first few weeks.He had been a farm dog who was picked up by the dog warden and taken to a dog pound.We heard that his owner was traced via a microchip but he did not turn up to collect him(how could anyone do that?)so he was due for destruction. My feeling is that it was a good thing his owner failed to turn up but only because we heard about him and took him in , he has a far better life now. His new friend Wendy keeps in touch which means a lot - I am always glad to hear news of our animals but those who have been mistreated and are nervous always have a special place in my heart.Marley too is doing well and he came to see us yesterday.I was so pleased to see that although he allowed us to make a fuss of him, he only had eyes for his new best friend- a sure sign he is happy in his new home.He has started to put on weight and I could not now feel his bones through his coat, he is a handsome dog but was so very thin, its so good to see him looking so well.Its a real morale boost for all of us who work here.
Great day for cats today, 3 more are going to new homes, Black longhaired cat, now called Louis who arrived last week was to only have a short stay with us and Finlay another black longhaired has been chosen along with max a middle aged cat who has been with us some months.Lucky cats.Yet another black lobghaired called Asha is reserved to be collected Tuesday.All black longhaired inmates now spoken for! A very good weekend for felines.
Barney the young collie left for his home today, he has gone to the outskirts of Oldham to live with another collie and can expect 3 hour walks in the hills with his new family.Just what a collie needs.
People just been over to see if Sadie is their dog, I am delighted to say she was not! The reason why I am delighted - after realising she was not their missing dog Judy(and they were quite unsure at first) they would not have wanted her back anyway, in fact they also wanted to get rid of their 7 Years old collie!!!!!!and guess what , they have another puppy, this one they intend to keep(thats if poor thing doesnt go missing like their last dog)I will be happy to find their collie a good home, the sooner I find one the better. All their dogs are kept outside too, contrary to the story I was given over the telephone.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Merlin the Charmer.

Mei and I went to check out some fields which we had been offered for summer grazing, they are great so we will definitely be moving 5 of the younger ponies there for the summer.We have another 3 acre field offered so we will check that out this weekend.
Its stopped raining thank goodness, if only we could have a week of dry days it would allow the fields to dry up, now the sun is shining I see the pigs have started to potter about a little, they have been in hiding since the rain started.I wonder what the weather is like in Canada at the Hearts n Noses pig sanctuary,pigs really do hate the cold.
Sadie has discovered she can escape from the garden and run round the back field to where the feral cats food is put out. Clever girl. it did not take her long to find extra sources of food and clever though she is, I dont want her eating everything in her path.She is so thin, her food needs to be regulated and she is on a special diet which does not include left over catfood! Clearly the garden fencing needs to be made more secure though I have always found that a very determined dog will find its way out of just about anywhere unless there is 10ft heavy duty weldmesh fencing or a high wall!! Here in wales so many properties have low stone walls instead of fencing, which is so easy for a dog to leap over.I do have fencing in my garden but I need to reinforce it, and quickly!
Poppy, a pretty tortie and white adult cat has gone today to a new home in Anglesey, she has been here since last June and was well overdue for a nice home,I am so pleased for her.
The three foals are now getting very big and will be gelded in March, they get on so well together and Merlin the black and white gypsy foal who was so timid when he arrived is becoming a real charmer - I suspect Mei has quite a soft spot for him.When he was brought in we were told he had a deformed front leg but the vet thinks this will improve as he grows older.When he walks he appears clumsy and awkward, it is quite comical but also very touching.I am so glad that Coleen overheard the farmer discussing having him put down, otherwise he would not be here now and enjoying his life so much.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

2 naughty young dogs .

Only one cat has been rehomed this weekend - MOlly a 2 years tabby has left us for a new life.Now we just need to place the remaining 56!!Never mind, one is better than none.
I had some help in the office today, whilst I was replying to letters and composing articles for possible publication in local publications, Dafydd from cycle_recyclecymru (more of that later) was counting and bagging up loose change ready for banking.A laborious task I was very pleased to hand over.Dafydd recycles old bicycles and has been regularly bringing them to us for sale in our shops.This is proving to be a good source of revenue for us each month. He has applied for charitable status and will eventually provide a working environment and training for vulnerable adults.So if you have any old bikes!!!(no rude comments here please!) You will be helping us and in the future helping needy people to learn something useful.A really worthwhile charity.
A stray cat was admitted this afternoon, poor chap was trying desperately to get into someones house,its so cold who could blame him.He is an attractive black longhaired male but he still has his bits so they need to come off next week."Ouch" I can hear from male readers.I apologise but only for making you squirm, if more animals were neutered shelters woiuld not be struggling to find space for all the unwanted pets.I am sure most people will agree with this sound philosophy. Black cat(must think of names for these new cats)can join the abandoned black and white brought in a few days ago for a trip to the vet.This bout of extreme cold weather is forcing strays to find shelter, this black cat had been sleeping for a week under 2 bikes covered with a tarpaulin, he must have been frozen.
Sadie thin girl is enjoying her regular meals and is proving to be house trained which is a real bonus when I come to rehome her.Her main problem at the moment is that being so hungry she is constantly searching for food and has already broken my toaster,by jumping up on the kitchen units and knocking everything off. Food is being shut away in dog proof cupboards - ones too high for her to reach.
Bobby and Barney the 2 young dogs are squabbling with each other whilst out running in the fields, this is of no surporise, young males often do this in order to establish the leadership of the pack.At the moment its only a very minor squabble and Bobby is not quite developed enough to neuter.
Well I feel this is quite enough talk of male bits for one day .Enough is enough.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sadie settles in and more mice arrive

The thin dog Sadie has settled in the house with Molly and little Sally, her drinking has stabilised now, when she first arrived she was desperately thirsty and drank a whole bowl of water without stopping. The finder rang the press and there is an article posted on the North Wales Chronicle website if anyone would like to read under Starving dog headline.
I have been spending quite a bit of time in LLandudno where we have opened a charity shop. Barry and I , along with Trishaand her husband Bob the builder(yes he really is called Bob and he IS a builder) from the Porthmadog shop have been busy stocking it and getting it ready for opening.As soon as we have the volunteers to man the shop we will not have to make so many trips backwards and forwards.Even with the shops we currently have in North Wales, we still need to build up our weekly income. The winter has been such an expensive time, particularly with the horses needing extra meals.Its a really nice shop and hopefully it will do very well in the summer months when tourists start to visit the town.January is a quiet time for all shop owners but if we can make the rent I will be happy , it will also help to raise our profile in that area.
The mouse rescue carries on, we have another 50 to rehome and at least another 50 to come, this time they are not from the house, they are from the owners car! When he was bringing some in to the shelter some escaped and now there is a nice little colony starting up in the back of his van!!Barbara has converted one of our sheds into a temporary home for them.After such success with the original 1000, the homes seem to have dried up for these.
Photo is of the ferals in their enclosure sheltering from the rain in one of the kennels, its not often they stay in one place for a photo shoot- normally I spot them looking good, rush in to get my camera and as soon as I raise it to take the photo, they all do a vanishing trick.This time the rain was more of a problem to them than posing for a photo so they allowed it this time, however the looks they gave me where as if to say"make the most of it, it will be the last one you get for a while".They are probably right. Another of the Cilgwyn tip cats has been trapped and is now in residence with the others, another 2 living on a farm where the owner has died are being trapped this week and will join the clan.Then I will have no room for any more and must increase the search for farm or stable homes for them.Generally I dont take in ferals - only if there is great risk to their lives and in both these cases this is the situation.
As I finish this it has started to blow a gale outside and is raining heavily, Mei is rushing to get the old ponies in before it gets any worse, they are always so anxious to get to their stables when it is like this, even old Noddy comes in at a gallop on his poor little malformed legs.
Its good to end the day knowing that all the animals are warm and dry in their respective places, extra straw and hay is given to the pigs on days like this and they snuggle right under it to keep warm.Sometimes you would not believe there are pigs in the arks, they are buried so deeply into their bed.Oh How I long for a warm spring day.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A shockingly thin dog is admitted.

This afternoon a pick up truck pulled up in the yard, my first thought was that another farmer was about to land another sheepdog here.I went out to meet him but it was not what I expected. The driver had stopped outside a local general store to do some shopping.When he returned just 5 minutes later, he was shocked to find a dog in the back of his open car. As he had no idea what the dog was like and whether it could be aggressive he made the decision not to try andcoax it out but to drive straight here.
When I opened the back of the truck, I found a brown crossbreed female with every bone in her body showing.The driver and his companion were also shocked to the core and could not believe anyone would starve a dog in this way and then abandon her in a strangers vehicle. The photos do not ,m afraid, show exactly how thin she is, the reality is far worse.In spite of her obvious neglect this lovely girl(her name is now Sadie)is sweet natured and showed no fear of me when I lifted her out the truck.It will take some time to build her up, lots of small meals daily and tomorrow she will be taken to the vet surgery in Pwllheli for a full check over.
On a more cheerful not, Marley the thin Collie has now been found a good home but the condition of these animals is of grave concern, in such a rural area there are so many outlying farms and smallholdings where dogs can be locked away without being seen by anyone, its a terrifying thought! At least we can feel happy that those who come to Freshfields have a chance of a new life .
Yesterday a man took a young dog into our Caernarfon shopo and threatened to dump him on the streets if we didnt take him so we have another lovely young dog to care for.He is in good condition and should be easy to home.His name is Bobby.Ill post a photo of him another time.
This past few weeks has been a time for abandoned dogs, we have been so lucky to rehome them all in such a short time.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dylan is coming back.

Another pony is being returned - Dylan the coloured black and white cob from Anglesey (pictured)needs more care than his new owners are able to give him.They have worked hard with him but I feel he may have to remain at the shelter for the rest of his life.His laminitis has come back with a vengeance and there is a chance that in spite of treatment, remedial shoes and pain killers he may not have a good quality of life ahead of him.Out of the 8 ponies from that home, not forgetting the 2 we lost, only one is completely healthy now.Its hard to believe that their owner called herself an animal lover and that these were rescued by her, only to be allowed to get into such a terrible state of health.,I think because they were all overweight, she thought that was proof of a healthy happy horse!Instead it started off the severe health problems which have now become irreversible.
We have been offered some more free grazing in the spring, such a relief as we need to be able to put many of our ponies out for the summer months.There is someone coming next week to look at Rollo the shetland pony.If he doesnt suit, there are the 2 abandoned shetlands in anglesey which are on a waiting list for a place here.
Its much warmer here at the moment, Im glad for the sake of the animals, not to mention the staff who in spite of wearing layers of clothes have found it so hard working outside with frozen fingers! This past week the yard has been like an ice rink and several members of staff have taken a fall, fortunately only pride was hurt and no broken bones.
Im caring for a little old dog called Sally whose owner is in hospital, she has joined Molly in the kitchen, I think Molly is glad of her company, since Cindy died she has been very quiet.Strangely , although she and Cindy merely tolerated one another, she stood for long periods of time staring at Cindys empty basket. Can animals see things we cant? Or is this just being fanciful?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Snow falls on the shetlands

There has been very little snow here but i took the photo of the three old shetlands Maggie, Noddy and Connie just as it started to snow last week.They were not in the least bit peturbed, why would they be when there is plenty of food around, like most horses and ponies they prefer to be outside than in the stable.They come in every night to a warm stable and a meal but in the day most prefer to have some sort of freedom, even the old ones like to potter about.All ours also have field shelters available if they choose to shelter from the elements.What I hate to see is ponies in a field devoid of any type of shelter whether it be natural or manmade.
Well - Tammy has gone off to her new home, she really is such a timid dog, I hope she settles well in her new home, she deserves a kind loving home, as indeed they all do.Its been very quiet for homing cats this weekend, perhaps its too cold for people to want to venture out or maybe everyone is grocery shopping,maybe sunday will be busier. Just as I typed that sentence people turned up to view the kittens, they are all becoming quite big now,(the cats not the visitors) the last of last seasons kittens.We have had in a suspected pregnant cat who turned out to be already spayed, she was just a fat cat, however she does have several lumps which need to be removed.When cats like that turn up there is no way to find the owners unless it has been reported missing or is microchipped. I wonder how many cats brought to shelters are not actually lost but live close by to where they were picked up? I will make some enquiries about this cat becasue she looks well cared for and is a lovely friendly girl.It would be nice if we could reunite her with her owners though I cant say I am too hopeful.We have very little success with cats being claimed.
Mei has just popped in to say there was nothing suitable for the visitors, shame but most of the kittencats left are very very timid, almost feral.Most people , understandable want an affectionate animal to take home.
I have had lots of phone calls from people concerned about horses in this Big Freeze.many appear to have no access to water and of course water buckets are freezing up so rapidly. Im going to check on 2 locally who appear to be in afield littered with broken glass and rubbish with no evidence of food being left(there is no grass either) Another call is about a pony in Clwyd which seems to have been abandoned for months and is now in a poor condition.I pass them on to the ILPH (now changed their name to World horse welfare)as they have more clout with the authorities and therefore can do more to help in an emergency.
Time now for the afternoon feed and start heating up Microwave pads for the ferals which live outdoors, they keep warm for up to 12 hours.It was so cold last night I think I may just heat one up and pop it into my own bed,That should keep me, William lurcher and the cats warm! Years ago I had a little chinese crested dog(the hairless type) he used to snuggle down the bottom of the bed to get warm and would heat up immediately, he kept my feet lovely and warm all night.I was told their body temperature is different from other breeds? The Chinese Emperors used to use them as hot water bottles so I believe but I have no idea if this is fact or fiction,another fact which needs to be looked up on the net.Ive been meaning to look this up for ages and never seem to remember to do it- All my middle aged friends seem to have the same memory problem.I keep blaming the fact I have so much on my mind, Im not ready yet to own up to middle age.After all its just a number ISNT IT?
We have a volunteer here today, a young man who has been kept busy walking the dogs and mucking out stables, what a difference even just one volunteer can make.

Friday, 9 January 2009

2 new cats arrive

2 beautiful cats were brought in today, Fluff and Tigers owner was found dead so the cats have become homeless through no fault of their own.It would be nice to home them together but Fluff is extremely timid and not too keen on being handled. We will see how he settles in the weeks to come.The relative who brought them in thinks they could be homed separately as they are not particularly close, if this is the case it might be easier but if they are bonded they will stay together, I never like to split animals unecessarily.They form close bonds with each other the same as humans and they cant speak and ask so we have to make a decision what would be in their best interests and hope we have done the right thing by them.
Denise and Mike from Lincoln have come to see Tammy the very shy collie, they will be staying overnight locally and hopefully taking Tammy home with them tomorrow.Its hard for them to see what she will be like because she is so scared of new people and new situations but it doesnt take long for her to develop an affection for people.I hope they will be able to see ahead, she desperately needs to be in a home where she can settle and feel secure.Often these very shy dogs remain nervous of strangers for the rest of their lives, each one is different and there is no way of knowing how much they will change once in a loving home.Some never forget their past abuse and will always need that extra understanding and patience.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Marley, Another neglected dog

After an anxious wait to hear news of "The Dorset 3" I heard all are settled well in their new homes . Im so relieved that they arrived safely and seem ok after their long journey.Now I need to try and place Marley the emaciated collie found on Abersoch beach.UNDER HIS LONG COAT HE IS SKIN AND BONE.He is only about 12 months old(photo above) and has obviously been living outside as he is filthy dirty and just about the smelliest dog Ive smelled for a long time.The poor dog was terrified when I picked up a brush to move it, he fled to the other side of the kitchen and cowered in abject terror. It makes me so
mad. There was a dreadful case in the news today of a gsd starved almost to the point of death, did the owner get a prison sentence - NO. just banned from keeping dogs for 25 years!!! Id like to know how that will be monitored.Years ago I had dealings with a woman in Crosby,Liverpool who was banned from keeping dogs for 5 years, 12 months later she had a housefull of thin neglected dogs, when I reported this, I was told that there was little could be done!!!!! WHY? What is the point of taking these people to court in the first place if the sentence cant be carried out successfully?The happy news is that the German shepherd has a wonderful home now and has made a remarkable recovery.
We had the vet out today, Freddy, one of our horses who has been with us several years, has a eye infection , his eye looks sore and swollen.Heaven knows how this happened, yesterday it looked fine.The vet was unable to give him an injection of antibiotics, even with Meirwens help to calm him, Freddy was terrified and reared up on his hind legs.The injection plan had to be abandoned, instead he will have to have it in his food, these horses can be so naughty. Mind you Fred is so much better than when he arrived 6 years ago from Jersey.He was due to be destroyed after several unsuccessful attempts to settle in homes.His problem was that he refused to stay in a field without other horses and would jump fences causing chaos on the roads.He is badly scarred from his run ins with motor vehicles .Here he always has company so pther than the fact he is a little shy with people, he is so much improved.When he arrived he would not allow anyone within yards of him. We called him Freddy Kruger as he was such a horror to deal with(now shortened to a more pleasant sounding Freddy)He is around 21 years of age now and is close friends with Callie our elderly bay mare.
We are still waiting for Cariads blood test results, I have moved her into the conservatory as it is so much warmer, though whether she will deign to stay there is another matter! She can be very determined when she decides she doesnt like something , even a new bed can annoy her and make her fractious.We homed a black half grown cat today, always a morale boosster, there are still many left over from the last kitten season, it would be nice if they all go before the next season begins.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Christy, Pip and and Freddy go to Dorset.and Emmy finds a home at last

I think the mystery bird may have been identified, seems that a white backed Indian Vulture escaped from a park in staffordshire a year ago.There had been sightings in Snowdonia though not recently but it must be the same bird as the sheer size and shape indicates it is not an indiginous species.Rhian has looked up the bird on the net and is sure this is the bird she saw! Amazing.
3 dogs are off to Dorset tomorrow having been found homes in that area, Christy the middle aged collie will be travelling with Pip the deaf jack Russell and Freddy the very shy cross staff/lurcher is going also.They are being transported by an animal taxi whose costs have been covered by the prospective owners and a generous donation from the proprietors of a doggy hotel in the Poole area.Tammy, the shy collie also has someone interested in her, some people are travelling from Nottingham on Friday.
I wish there were more local homes but this area is flooded with unwanted dogs, especially ex farm dogs and homes are so thin on the ground.I am just thrilled to find good homes, no matter where they are.
One of the cats which went at the weekend was Emmy a sweet little white and tabby who had been here since 2006.She was a feral kitten who took a long time to become friendly and even now she is very timid.Emmy needed a very special home and on Sunday that home turned up for her.Lovely cat minded people who already have a few of our cats have given her a chance along with Finlay a handsome black longhaired male.I am over the moon about Emmy, each day I had thought I would keep her but kept thinking she might yet find a home.It was a long time but worth the wait in the end.
Andre, the Equine dentist has been today to check our horses, there were no major problems today, he was pleased with them all though he had a terrible time with Ken the new boy.He was unable to check his teeth as ken was determined not to allow this indignity! Andre will return in April so we will have to have a vet here to administer an anaesthetic in order to sort out any problems ken may have in his mouth.
It snowed briefly yesterday but today the sun is shining and the frost on the ground is starting to clear,Im pleased for the sake of the wild birds who have been so desperate scavenging f0r scraps.I wonder what the Vulture is living on? Im glad it ios not flying round here, I would be scared for my cats, though maybe vultures only eat carrion, must read up on them.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Drum and Ken

Drum and his friend Ken arrived back yesterday and have settled in well.I was a little worried about introducing them to the main herd because newcomers can often cause excitement amongst the resident horses and this can lead to mad galloping about the field, With the ground being so hard there is a fear of a horse tripping and injuring itself, however after a period of time in an adjoining paddock enabling them all to see each other, the introduction went without any problems.Drum was originally admitted here when his owner could no longer ride him, he is a bit arthritic and has a problem with his vertebrae, Ken apparently has no health problems but is an ex riding school horse who was too strong willed for his job!!!
I was telling a member of staff Rhian about the birds in the garden and that I had had a visit from a reed bunting when she told me about an enormous bird she had seen and neither of us could think what it could be.It was bigger than a buzzard with black wings and a light underbelly, could it have been an eagle? I cant imagine that it would be as they are not seen in this area so it would be unlikely, has anyone any ideas?Oh and it wasnt a heron, we see loads of them here and even Rhian who is no bird expert can tell one of those a mile away.
We are having a bit of a surge in interest in the cats and they are moving very slowly but at least they are moving and we have been able to take in 2 new cats. One is a heavily pregnant stray, a beautiful dark tortoishell with a thick coat almost like a pedigree british blue feel to it.The other is a very timid black 7 years old female called Toots whose owner was moving to a flat and was unable to take pets with him.I worry for her as she is timid and not the kind of cat who is found a home quickly if at all!The fact she is black doesnt help either as this colour seems so unpopular.Poor old Toots.
Charlie terrier has been returned , Ive put him on the dogsblog website so hope he will go quickly, he is a happy little dog but not good with small animals, cats, hens etc(in other words he is a typical terrier)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cariad undergoes blood tests.

Cariad(pictured above enjoying a roll in the hay!) is back from the vet but we have not had the results yet from her blood tests.The vet suspects she has had a trauma to her back at some time in the past and this is now causing her some neurological problems.In the meantime she is doing Ok, still grumpy and unpredictable but perhaps she is in pain and this is why she is so bad tempered.Cariad has been here for 5 years and could have been homed dozens of times over as she is so attractive looking , but she has always lashed out and bitten whenever anyone stops to admire here.She can roam freely and her bed is in an igloo type affair in the passage of the main cattery .Every evening a heatpad is placed in her bed to keep her warm though at the moment because of the icy weather, she is having one in the day also.
There are 2 new cats being admitted tomorrow , one of which is reputedly heavily pregnant. Another half grown kittencat went today and another adult yesterday so at least they are starting to move again.I havent been able to make any inroads into the massive waiting list until now. I am going through it picking out the most urgent cats to come in.
Tomorrow our coloured cob Drum is being returned, along with his companion .Drums new owner says she cannot cope any longer due to health issues so not only do we take Drum back but the pony to whom he went as a companion,One goes out, two are returned!I am happy to do so as I hate splitting up horses which have bonded and have become firm friends but this is extra strain on our resources.There are also problems in the foster home caring for Romana and Rusty so it looks as though they too will have to be found space here.We will definitely need some more local grazing facilities in the spring/sumer months.The problem is often that such offers come without shelters for the ponies.
Poor William spent another night in terror with the fireworks going off in the village here. Its not a happy new year for him and animals like him who suffer so badly.As I was watching Jools Holland as I do every new year, I turned the volume up even louder to try to drown out the bangs and flashes of light. It worked to some degree but he was not fooled for long and the usual shakes and trembling began.Eventually there was peace and quiet and around 2am we all managed to get to sleep,
Happy New Year to animal lovers everywhere.