Thursday, 15 January 2009

A shockingly thin dog is admitted.

This afternoon a pick up truck pulled up in the yard, my first thought was that another farmer was about to land another sheepdog here.I went out to meet him but it was not what I expected. The driver had stopped outside a local general store to do some shopping.When he returned just 5 minutes later, he was shocked to find a dog in the back of his open car. As he had no idea what the dog was like and whether it could be aggressive he made the decision not to try andcoax it out but to drive straight here.
When I opened the back of the truck, I found a brown crossbreed female with every bone in her body showing.The driver and his companion were also shocked to the core and could not believe anyone would starve a dog in this way and then abandon her in a strangers vehicle. The photos do not ,m afraid, show exactly how thin she is, the reality is far worse.In spite of her obvious neglect this lovely girl(her name is now Sadie)is sweet natured and showed no fear of me when I lifted her out the truck.It will take some time to build her up, lots of small meals daily and tomorrow she will be taken to the vet surgery in Pwllheli for a full check over.
On a more cheerful not, Marley the thin Collie has now been found a good home but the condition of these animals is of grave concern, in such a rural area there are so many outlying farms and smallholdings where dogs can be locked away without being seen by anyone, its a terrifying thought! At least we can feel happy that those who come to Freshfields have a chance of a new life .
Yesterday a man took a young dog into our Caernarfon shopo and threatened to dump him on the streets if we didnt take him so we have another lovely young dog to care for.He is in good condition and should be easy to home.His name is Bobby.Ill post a photo of him another time.
This past few weeks has been a time for abandoned dogs, we have been so lucky to rehome them all in such a short time.

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