Sunday, 18 January 2009

2 naughty young dogs .

Only one cat has been rehomed this weekend - MOlly a 2 years tabby has left us for a new life.Now we just need to place the remaining 56!!Never mind, one is better than none.
I had some help in the office today, whilst I was replying to letters and composing articles for possible publication in local publications, Dafydd from cycle_recyclecymru (more of that later) was counting and bagging up loose change ready for banking.A laborious task I was very pleased to hand over.Dafydd recycles old bicycles and has been regularly bringing them to us for sale in our shops.This is proving to be a good source of revenue for us each month. He has applied for charitable status and will eventually provide a working environment and training for vulnerable adults.So if you have any old bikes!!!(no rude comments here please!) You will be helping us and in the future helping needy people to learn something useful.A really worthwhile charity.
A stray cat was admitted this afternoon, poor chap was trying desperately to get into someones house,its so cold who could blame him.He is an attractive black longhaired male but he still has his bits so they need to come off next week."Ouch" I can hear from male readers.I apologise but only for making you squirm, if more animals were neutered shelters woiuld not be struggling to find space for all the unwanted pets.I am sure most people will agree with this sound philosophy. Black cat(must think of names for these new cats)can join the abandoned black and white brought in a few days ago for a trip to the vet.This bout of extreme cold weather is forcing strays to find shelter, this black cat had been sleeping for a week under 2 bikes covered with a tarpaulin, he must have been frozen.
Sadie thin girl is enjoying her regular meals and is proving to be house trained which is a real bonus when I come to rehome her.Her main problem at the moment is that being so hungry she is constantly searching for food and has already broken my toaster,by jumping up on the kitchen units and knocking everything off. Food is being shut away in dog proof cupboards - ones too high for her to reach.
Bobby and Barney the 2 young dogs are squabbling with each other whilst out running in the fields, this is of no surporise, young males often do this in order to establish the leadership of the pack.At the moment its only a very minor squabble and Bobby is not quite developed enough to neuter.
Well I feel this is quite enough talk of male bits for one day .Enough is enough.

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