Monday, 5 January 2009

Christy, Pip and and Freddy go to Dorset.and Emmy finds a home at last

I think the mystery bird may have been identified, seems that a white backed Indian Vulture escaped from a park in staffordshire a year ago.There had been sightings in Snowdonia though not recently but it must be the same bird as the sheer size and shape indicates it is not an indiginous species.Rhian has looked up the bird on the net and is sure this is the bird she saw! Amazing.
3 dogs are off to Dorset tomorrow having been found homes in that area, Christy the middle aged collie will be travelling with Pip the deaf jack Russell and Freddy the very shy cross staff/lurcher is going also.They are being transported by an animal taxi whose costs have been covered by the prospective owners and a generous donation from the proprietors of a doggy hotel in the Poole area.Tammy, the shy collie also has someone interested in her, some people are travelling from Nottingham on Friday.
I wish there were more local homes but this area is flooded with unwanted dogs, especially ex farm dogs and homes are so thin on the ground.I am just thrilled to find good homes, no matter where they are.
One of the cats which went at the weekend was Emmy a sweet little white and tabby who had been here since 2006.She was a feral kitten who took a long time to become friendly and even now she is very timid.Emmy needed a very special home and on Sunday that home turned up for her.Lovely cat minded people who already have a few of our cats have given her a chance along with Finlay a handsome black longhaired male.I am over the moon about Emmy, each day I had thought I would keep her but kept thinking she might yet find a home.It was a long time but worth the wait in the end.
Andre, the Equine dentist has been today to check our horses, there were no major problems today, he was pleased with them all though he had a terrible time with Ken the new boy.He was unable to check his teeth as ken was determined not to allow this indignity! Andre will return in April so we will have to have a vet here to administer an anaesthetic in order to sort out any problems ken may have in his mouth.
It snowed briefly yesterday but today the sun is shining and the frost on the ground is starting to clear,Im pleased for the sake of the wild birds who have been so desperate scavenging f0r scraps.I wonder what the Vulture is living on? Im glad it ios not flying round here, I would be scared for my cats, though maybe vultures only eat carrion, must read up on them.

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