Thursday, 22 January 2009

Merlin the Charmer.

Mei and I went to check out some fields which we had been offered for summer grazing, they are great so we will definitely be moving 5 of the younger ponies there for the summer.We have another 3 acre field offered so we will check that out this weekend.
Its stopped raining thank goodness, if only we could have a week of dry days it would allow the fields to dry up, now the sun is shining I see the pigs have started to potter about a little, they have been in hiding since the rain started.I wonder what the weather is like in Canada at the Hearts n Noses pig sanctuary,pigs really do hate the cold.
Sadie has discovered she can escape from the garden and run round the back field to where the feral cats food is put out. Clever girl. it did not take her long to find extra sources of food and clever though she is, I dont want her eating everything in her path.She is so thin, her food needs to be regulated and she is on a special diet which does not include left over catfood! Clearly the garden fencing needs to be made more secure though I have always found that a very determined dog will find its way out of just about anywhere unless there is 10ft heavy duty weldmesh fencing or a high wall!! Here in wales so many properties have low stone walls instead of fencing, which is so easy for a dog to leap over.I do have fencing in my garden but I need to reinforce it, and quickly!
Poppy, a pretty tortie and white adult cat has gone today to a new home in Anglesey, she has been here since last June and was well overdue for a nice home,I am so pleased for her.
The three foals are now getting very big and will be gelded in March, they get on so well together and Merlin the black and white gypsy foal who was so timid when he arrived is becoming a real charmer - I suspect Mei has quite a soft spot for him.When he was brought in we were told he had a deformed front leg but the vet thinks this will improve as he grows older.When he walks he appears clumsy and awkward, it is quite comical but also very touching.I am so glad that Coleen overheard the farmer discussing having him put down, otherwise he would not be here now and enjoying his life so much.

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