Saturday, 31 January 2009

I need to find homes urgently

John has been checked out at hospital and is feeling ok again.A great relief, however Rhian slipped and fell whilst walking the dogs, she cracked her head on a stone and her husband had to be called to come and get her, she was very shaken up and I worried she may have concussion.So another hospital visit but again all is well though both will need to take it easy for a few days.What next?
The two handsome dogs above, Anya and Rocky are in an urgent situation, their owner has become homeless and only has a few days to find these dogs a home.I am trying to place them via the internet sites for dogs as I cant take them here, they are too vociferous and I have to be so careful of complaints.I am placing my faith in the success we have had so far with placing our dogs out the area.Even homecheckers can be found through this media - wonderful.A new friend in Coventry has just done a successful home visit for one of our dogs so we hope to home another collie cross this coming week.Another will be going to live in East Sussex.
The cats are still going, slowly but surely, altogether our rehoming figures are much improved lately.Nell, One of our cats has been picked up in Bangor by a member of the Cats Protection League, she was surprised on a visit to the vet to find the(stray) cat had been microchipped and was registered to Freshfields.So far I am unable to contact the person who adopted her.I am concerned that the cat is not in tiptop condition, and that she has not been reported missing. This does not bode well in my eyes and I fear she may be coming back to the shelter.I am grateful to Barbara the CPL lady for taking her in and caring for her.Thank goodness for the microchip system but how worrying that unsuitable owners can slip through the net - even with years of experience behind me, this can still happen, people can be so plausible when they want something.Very disheartening but at least little Nell is safe and will be returned to us.
We had a visit today from a family interested in having a shetland pony as a companion to another horse. They liked Rollo and also Sam and |Murphy, I think Rolli may be the one they decide upon, we will know tomorrow and Then we can do the homecheck.They seem ideal so I am quietly confident.We really do need to find some more loan homes for our ponies.

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