Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dylan is coming back.

Another pony is being returned - Dylan the coloured black and white cob from Anglesey (pictured)needs more care than his new owners are able to give him.They have worked hard with him but I feel he may have to remain at the shelter for the rest of his life.His laminitis has come back with a vengeance and there is a chance that in spite of treatment, remedial shoes and pain killers he may not have a good quality of life ahead of him.Out of the 8 ponies from that home, not forgetting the 2 we lost, only one is completely healthy now.Its hard to believe that their owner called herself an animal lover and that these were rescued by her, only to be allowed to get into such a terrible state of health.,I think because they were all overweight, she thought that was proof of a healthy happy horse!Instead it started off the severe health problems which have now become irreversible.
We have been offered some more free grazing in the spring, such a relief as we need to be able to put many of our ponies out for the summer months.There is someone coming next week to look at Rollo the shetland pony.If he doesnt suit, there are the 2 abandoned shetlands in anglesey which are on a waiting list for a place here.
Its much warmer here at the moment, Im glad for the sake of the animals, not to mention the staff who in spite of wearing layers of clothes have found it so hard working outside with frozen fingers! This past week the yard has been like an ice rink and several members of staff have taken a fall, fortunately only pride was hurt and no broken bones.
Im caring for a little old dog called Sally whose owner is in hospital, she has joined Molly in the kitchen, I think Molly is glad of her company, since Cindy died she has been very quiet.Strangely , although she and Cindy merely tolerated one another, she stood for long periods of time staring at Cindys empty basket. Can animals see things we cant? Or is this just being fanciful?

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Jan said...

I am now addicted to your blog... and love to read the stories of daily life at the Rescue. What never ceases to amaze me is how well the animals look and what great care is taken over each and every one. Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in politics and problems but I just have to look at the pictures to see what we are really striving for....

Keep up the good work.

Jan Robinson