Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Marley, Another neglected dog

After an anxious wait to hear news of "The Dorset 3" I heard all are settled well in their new homes . Im so relieved that they arrived safely and seem ok after their long journey.Now I need to try and place Marley the emaciated collie found on Abersoch beach.UNDER HIS LONG COAT HE IS SKIN AND BONE.He is only about 12 months old(photo above) and has obviously been living outside as he is filthy dirty and just about the smelliest dog Ive smelled for a long time.The poor dog was terrified when I picked up a brush to move it, he fled to the other side of the kitchen and cowered in abject terror. It makes me so
mad. There was a dreadful case in the news today of a gsd starved almost to the point of death, did the owner get a prison sentence - NO. just banned from keeping dogs for 25 years!!! Id like to know how that will be monitored.Years ago I had dealings with a woman in Crosby,Liverpool who was banned from keeping dogs for 5 years, 12 months later she had a housefull of thin neglected dogs, when I reported this, I was told that there was little could be done!!!!! WHY? What is the point of taking these people to court in the first place if the sentence cant be carried out successfully?The happy news is that the German shepherd has a wonderful home now and has made a remarkable recovery.
We had the vet out today, Freddy, one of our horses who has been with us several years, has a eye infection , his eye looks sore and swollen.Heaven knows how this happened, yesterday it looked fine.The vet was unable to give him an injection of antibiotics, even with Meirwens help to calm him, Freddy was terrified and reared up on his hind legs.The injection plan had to be abandoned, instead he will have to have it in his food, these horses can be so naughty. Mind you Fred is so much better than when he arrived 6 years ago from Jersey.He was due to be destroyed after several unsuccessful attempts to settle in homes.His problem was that he refused to stay in a field without other horses and would jump fences causing chaos on the roads.He is badly scarred from his run ins with motor vehicles .Here he always has company so pther than the fact he is a little shy with people, he is so much improved.When he arrived he would not allow anyone within yards of him. We called him Freddy Kruger as he was such a horror to deal with(now shortened to a more pleasant sounding Freddy)He is around 21 years of age now and is close friends with Callie our elderly bay mare.
We are still waiting for Cariads blood test results, I have moved her into the conservatory as it is so much warmer, though whether she will deign to stay there is another matter! She can be very determined when she decides she doesnt like something , even a new bed can annoy her and make her fractious.We homed a black half grown cat today, always a morale boosster, there are still many left over from the last kitten season, it would be nice if they all go before the next season begins.

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