Saturday, 3 January 2009

Drum and Ken

Drum and his friend Ken arrived back yesterday and have settled in well.I was a little worried about introducing them to the main herd because newcomers can often cause excitement amongst the resident horses and this can lead to mad galloping about the field, With the ground being so hard there is a fear of a horse tripping and injuring itself, however after a period of time in an adjoining paddock enabling them all to see each other, the introduction went without any problems.Drum was originally admitted here when his owner could no longer ride him, he is a bit arthritic and has a problem with his vertebrae, Ken apparently has no health problems but is an ex riding school horse who was too strong willed for his job!!!
I was telling a member of staff Rhian about the birds in the garden and that I had had a visit from a reed bunting when she told me about an enormous bird she had seen and neither of us could think what it could be.It was bigger than a buzzard with black wings and a light underbelly, could it have been an eagle? I cant imagine that it would be as they are not seen in this area so it would be unlikely, has anyone any ideas?Oh and it wasnt a heron, we see loads of them here and even Rhian who is no bird expert can tell one of those a mile away.
We are having a bit of a surge in interest in the cats and they are moving very slowly but at least they are moving and we have been able to take in 2 new cats. One is a heavily pregnant stray, a beautiful dark tortoishell with a thick coat almost like a pedigree british blue feel to it.The other is a very timid black 7 years old female called Toots whose owner was moving to a flat and was unable to take pets with him.I worry for her as she is timid and not the kind of cat who is found a home quickly if at all!The fact she is black doesnt help either as this colour seems so unpopular.Poor old Toots.
Charlie terrier has been returned , Ive put him on the dogsblog website so hope he will go quickly, he is a happy little dog but not good with small animals, cats, hens etc(in other words he is a typical terrier)


Janice Gillett said...

theya re lovely.. do you think you and Osprey visit??

Margaret Hall said...

It does sound like an Osprey, but our Welsh ospreys are supposed to be in Africa at the moment. I wonder what it was?