Friday, 9 January 2009

2 new cats arrive

2 beautiful cats were brought in today, Fluff and Tigers owner was found dead so the cats have become homeless through no fault of their own.It would be nice to home them together but Fluff is extremely timid and not too keen on being handled. We will see how he settles in the weeks to come.The relative who brought them in thinks they could be homed separately as they are not particularly close, if this is the case it might be easier but if they are bonded they will stay together, I never like to split animals unecessarily.They form close bonds with each other the same as humans and they cant speak and ask so we have to make a decision what would be in their best interests and hope we have done the right thing by them.
Denise and Mike from Lincoln have come to see Tammy the very shy collie, they will be staying overnight locally and hopefully taking Tammy home with them tomorrow.Its hard for them to see what she will be like because she is so scared of new people and new situations but it doesnt take long for her to develop an affection for people.I hope they will be able to see ahead, she desperately needs to be in a home where she can settle and feel secure.Often these very shy dogs remain nervous of strangers for the rest of their lives, each one is different and there is no way of knowing how much they will change once in a loving home.Some never forget their past abuse and will always need that extra understanding and patience.

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