Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Home found for 2 ponies.

Although I was extremely upset at the unpleasant comments made by Paul Dalton, I am not wasting any more of my time or thoughts on such a person. I have better things to do with my time and my mind!
It is always good to find a home for the younger horses. Pepsi and Caspar 4 year old geldings are off to a new home in the next couple of weeks. This makes room for others waiting for places at the shelter.It is always hard to prioritise, there are so many equines in desperate need of shelter. The decision has been made so once these two have left us, we will be taking in an ex racehorse and his shetland pony companion.
It is still very quiet in the cattery, so few homes are being found for kittens, we have 40 and they are going very slowly.Hopefully the local paper will publish a feature about the appalling situation with stray and unwanted cats in this area(it seems to be the same everywhere at the moment)
Photo of the two ponies lucky to find a new home.

Abergele Dog Pound criticise charity

Well, not entirely unexpectedly I received a comment from Paul Dalton from the Abergele dog kennels. It seems he is extremely annoyed that this charity has tried to save the dogs condemned there last week.He seems to think that Freshfields had no right to make the appeal as we only save a couple of dogs a year!!!!!! WEhat difference this would make is beyond me, anybody out there able to understand his logic? For his information Freshfields saves literally hundreds of dogs and many other animals annually.What exactly is his problem? Surely he should be happy more people know about the unwanted dogs in this area. At the end of the day if I receive information that dogs are due to be killed, I will do everything I can to prevent this happening, as would any other dog lover or charity involved in the welfare of dogs. Michelle(his wife?) told me that the dogs were due to be killed last Friday, if they didnt want that information to be passed on to others why did she tell me? Was it to pressurise me into taking some of the dogs, if so that was a cruel thing to do. I felt it was a race against time, as did others involved in trying to rehome the animals.
I dont want or expect gratitude from the Abergele kennel owners, however to make nasty comments on my blog seems a little extreme to say the least.The actions of a guilty person dont you think?
Photo of Maisie the little cross terrier also from pound.She is around 10 months of age, is good with cats/other dogs/children, a really nice little dog.Homes needed for both her and Finlay the white GSD.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Race to save dogs.

This past few days has been taken up trying to find homes for 25 condemned dogs at Abergele Dog Pound. I emailed Michelle Chalk who runs a lost and found pet regester and within hours I was receiving offers of help from all over the UK. This was a fine example of the power of the internet.Thanks Michelle for sending out my urgent appeal and thanks to everyone who kindly responded with asistance. Thanks to this, to the best of my knowledge all dogs were saved.Unfortunately the person who rus the dog pound is no longer answering her phone so I am unable to find out if there are any dogs left, however the person who collected two of the dogs for Freshfields, did not seem to think there were many, if any left there.
The two dogs we have are a white German Shepherd, a very handsome, good natured animal and a dear little jack russell/kelpie cross female we have called Maisie.It is devastating to think how near these two lovely dogs were to losing their lives.How did they end up there in the first place? The Gsd had an owner who did not care enough to collect his dog when informed he was in the pound!!!!Maisie was an unclaimed stray. As all dog lovers know this scenario is occurring all over the country, and we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers!
So the urgency is over, for now - until the next time. Look out for pictures of Maisie and the GSD tomotrrow (when my camera battery is charged"!)

Race to save dogs.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Leo finds a home at last

It has been very quiet in the cattery, very few cats and kittens are going to new homes,This is quite normal at this time of year, so many people are away on holiday, but I look at some of the cats which have been here several months and I long for someone nice to come along and choose them.Well today someone nice DID come along and chose Leo , a 4 years old tabby and white cat who has been at the shelter since December 2006.
It made my day seem brighter in spite of the torrential rain here. Leo walked happily into the cat basket and began grooming himself whilst the new owners filled in the paperwork.It was almost as though he thought, another few minutes does not matter, Im out of here!!! As always I hope there will be no problems and it will be a permanent home for him but one never knows for sure. Good luck Leo!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

New arrival

This week a new horse arrived. Murphy is a stunning 8 years old horse, a bright bay gelding of about 17.2 hands. He really is lovely.He was due to be destroyed this week because he can no longer be ridden.Murphy was born with a twisted fetlock which has become arthritic,having a rider on his back and working simply aggravates the condition. It was decided to introduce him to Callie an elderly mare and Freddy Kruger, a chestnut gelding. They bonded quickly and are a tight little group now, always grazing close to one another. When I look at these beautiful animals and think how close they have been to having their lives prematurely brought to an end, I feel both sad and angry.Angry that people show such little respect for the lives of other species and sad that I cant save them all.