Sunday, 9 December 2007

Would you like to drink from this?

Im finally starting to come out of the blackness caused by Lucys death.I should by now be used to these type of traumas but somehow even after all these years it takes it out of me.The fact I am overdue for my B12 injection has not helped, I wish I was not so cowardly, however I WILL go for it this week!I had better telephone first to warn the medical staff of my impending arrival, that will give them time to put in for time off!Once again it will take ALL HANDS ON DECK TO SUBDUE ME! hAPPY DAYS!
Well its been a very hectic time, hundreds of calls coming through to take unwanted pets and several calls reporting neglected horses.At this time of year I often receive calls from the public concerned at the conditions some horses are kept in.Sometimes it is not as bad as it sounds, other times the concern is completely justifiable. mei and I found 3 ponies in the worst field I have seen in a while, it was a bog, we have had so much rainfall all fields are in poor condition at the moment but this was dreadful.There was nothing for them to do, no grass or hay to eat and the only water was in a filthy bath(see photo)I traced the owner who told me where to go in no uncertain terms and whose daughter when I asked if she would like to drink out of such filth said "Im not an animal am I?" Seems she thought it fine that her animals had no clean water. I have passed the case on to the International League for Protection of Horses.
Another call was from someone who is about to lose her home, she has 6 horses, some goats, chickens and several dogs.I am trying to arrange transport here for the horses but the other animals are a real problem, I have to hope another shelter will step forward to offer them a home.
Today we rehomed 3 kittens and Ben the collie. I received a letter from the prisoners solicitor requesting he be found another home so he will be going next week to a new family.
Did I mention Jack the jack Russell has gone to a home? He wentabout a week ago and yesterday he came back to see me, with his new Mum of course. He was overjoyed to see me again b ut then was happy to leave with his new owner, they both seem well suited and happy together.I am so relieved he has found somneone nice to give him all the attention he needs. Have a happy life Jack.

Sunday, 2 December 2007


Had a very sad weekend, Little lucy, one of my elderly yorkshire terriers fell off the back of the sofa and broke her leg.Lucy is 14 and not long ago had an operation for pyrometra whcih she recovered from.She need a pin put in her leg to join it together and I worried all day, she is so tiny and frail. Lucy had her operation on Friday, recovered but died in my arms yesterday. I have no heart to write more at this moment.