Saturday, 10 January 2009

Snow falls on the shetlands

There has been very little snow here but i took the photo of the three old shetlands Maggie, Noddy and Connie just as it started to snow last week.They were not in the least bit peturbed, why would they be when there is plenty of food around, like most horses and ponies they prefer to be outside than in the stable.They come in every night to a warm stable and a meal but in the day most prefer to have some sort of freedom, even the old ones like to potter about.All ours also have field shelters available if they choose to shelter from the elements.What I hate to see is ponies in a field devoid of any type of shelter whether it be natural or manmade.
Well - Tammy has gone off to her new home, she really is such a timid dog, I hope she settles well in her new home, she deserves a kind loving home, as indeed they all do.Its been very quiet for homing cats this weekend, perhaps its too cold for people to want to venture out or maybe everyone is grocery shopping,maybe sunday will be busier. Just as I typed that sentence people turned up to view the kittens, they are all becoming quite big now,(the cats not the visitors) the last of last seasons kittens.We have had in a suspected pregnant cat who turned out to be already spayed, she was just a fat cat, however she does have several lumps which need to be removed.When cats like that turn up there is no way to find the owners unless it has been reported missing or is microchipped. I wonder how many cats brought to shelters are not actually lost but live close by to where they were picked up? I will make some enquiries about this cat becasue she looks well cared for and is a lovely friendly girl.It would be nice if we could reunite her with her owners though I cant say I am too hopeful.We have very little success with cats being claimed.
Mei has just popped in to say there was nothing suitable for the visitors, shame but most of the kittencats left are very very timid, almost feral.Most people , understandable want an affectionate animal to take home.
I have had lots of phone calls from people concerned about horses in this Big Freeze.many appear to have no access to water and of course water buckets are freezing up so rapidly. Im going to check on 2 locally who appear to be in afield littered with broken glass and rubbish with no evidence of food being left(there is no grass either) Another call is about a pony in Clwyd which seems to have been abandoned for months and is now in a poor condition.I pass them on to the ILPH (now changed their name to World horse welfare)as they have more clout with the authorities and therefore can do more to help in an emergency.
Time now for the afternoon feed and start heating up Microwave pads for the ferals which live outdoors, they keep warm for up to 12 hours.It was so cold last night I think I may just heat one up and pop it into my own bed,That should keep me, William lurcher and the cats warm! Years ago I had a little chinese crested dog(the hairless type) he used to snuggle down the bottom of the bed to get warm and would heat up immediately, he kept my feet lovely and warm all night.I was told their body temperature is different from other breeds? The Chinese Emperors used to use them as hot water bottles so I believe but I have no idea if this is fact or fiction,another fact which needs to be looked up on the net.Ive been meaning to look this up for ages and never seem to remember to do it- All my middle aged friends seem to have the same memory problem.I keep blaming the fact I have so much on my mind, Im not ready yet to own up to middle age.After all its just a number ISNT IT?
We have a volunteer here today, a young man who has been kept busy walking the dogs and mucking out stables, what a difference even just one volunteer can make.

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