Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cariad undergoes blood tests.

Cariad(pictured above enjoying a roll in the hay!) is back from the vet but we have not had the results yet from her blood tests.The vet suspects she has had a trauma to her back at some time in the past and this is now causing her some neurological problems.In the meantime she is doing Ok, still grumpy and unpredictable but perhaps she is in pain and this is why she is so bad tempered.Cariad has been here for 5 years and could have been homed dozens of times over as she is so attractive looking , but she has always lashed out and bitten whenever anyone stops to admire here.She can roam freely and her bed is in an igloo type affair in the passage of the main cattery .Every evening a heatpad is placed in her bed to keep her warm though at the moment because of the icy weather, she is having one in the day also.
There are 2 new cats being admitted tomorrow , one of which is reputedly heavily pregnant. Another half grown kittencat went today and another adult yesterday so at least they are starting to move again.I havent been able to make any inroads into the massive waiting list until now. I am going through it picking out the most urgent cats to come in.
Tomorrow our coloured cob Drum is being returned, along with his companion .Drums new owner says she cannot cope any longer due to health issues so not only do we take Drum back but the pony to whom he went as a companion,One goes out, two are returned!I am happy to do so as I hate splitting up horses which have bonded and have become firm friends but this is extra strain on our resources.There are also problems in the foster home caring for Romana and Rusty so it looks as though they too will have to be found space here.We will definitely need some more local grazing facilities in the spring/sumer months.The problem is often that such offers come without shelters for the ponies.
Poor William spent another night in terror with the fireworks going off in the village here. Its not a happy new year for him and animals like him who suffer so badly.As I was watching Jools Holland as I do every new year, I turned the volume up even louder to try to drown out the bangs and flashes of light. It worked to some degree but he was not fooled for long and the usual shakes and trembling began.Eventually there was peace and quiet and around 2am we all managed to get to sleep,
Happy New Year to animal lovers everywhere.

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