Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An ambulance is called for a volunteer.

Oh no, Barney has been returned. After a promising start, the dogs began to fight over possessions. What a shame, he could have had such a good life there, will try to home him on his own next time though he was always really good with other dogs here.I wonder if Bobbys aggression towards him had made him determined this time that He will be the leader of the pack. Caesar Milan, where are you? For those who do not know this name, he is a brilliant dog behavourist who has become a celebrity in the Us where he works. I watch his Tv programmes with total awe, he works by understanding the mentality of a dog and his position in the pack, its all common sense but because most of us attribute human characteristics to dogs, we can fail to read the signs they give us which would tell us what mood they are in.Wonderful stuff.He is not unattractive either which makes the watching even more pleasurable!
Another 2 adult cats reserved, a little black and white fluffy which was taken to the vet to be destroyed- why - because it was a homeless stray and had the misfortune to turn up on the doorstep of someone who regularly takes strays for destruction.She will be going with a shy little black female who has lived in one room with her owner who recently died.I honestly thought she would be here a long time and she has only been here 2 weeks.
Barbara has set off for South Wales to visit her family and to deliver some mice to homes in the area.The Liverpool shelter are taking 8 which I will deliver when I go to the monthly trustee meeting tomorrow and then that will leave us with about 10 and whatever he has left running round his car!
Celt and Shamrock, 2 of the colts are feeling the cold today and have grown out of their rugs so that is an extra expense to face this week, there is always something extra to find money for.Merlin has such a thick natural coat, he is impervious to the frequent weather changes.
We had an ambulance here today, volunteer handyman John had a bad dizzy spell and felt very unwell, Rosie and Vanessa accompanied him to the hospital for tests. We were all very shocked,he always seems so fit and well. I hope he is back to normal soon.Typical of John he was still cracking jokes when the paramedics arrived but he was clearly not feeling right and looked shaky and whitefaced.
People have been very kind to me on hearing the news of my brother, thanks to everyone who sent emails,cards etc.

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