Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sadie settles in and more mice arrive

The thin dog Sadie has settled in the house with Molly and little Sally, her drinking has stabilised now, when she first arrived she was desperately thirsty and drank a whole bowl of water without stopping. The finder rang the press and there is an article posted on the North Wales Chronicle website if anyone would like to read under Starving dog headline.
I have been spending quite a bit of time in LLandudno where we have opened a charity shop. Barry and I , along with Trishaand her husband Bob the builder(yes he really is called Bob and he IS a builder) from the Porthmadog shop have been busy stocking it and getting it ready for opening.As soon as we have the volunteers to man the shop we will not have to make so many trips backwards and forwards.Even with the shops we currently have in North Wales, we still need to build up our weekly income. The winter has been such an expensive time, particularly with the horses needing extra meals.Its a really nice shop and hopefully it will do very well in the summer months when tourists start to visit the town.January is a quiet time for all shop owners but if we can make the rent I will be happy , it will also help to raise our profile in that area.
The mouse rescue carries on, we have another 50 to rehome and at least another 50 to come, this time they are not from the house, they are from the owners car! When he was bringing some in to the shelter some escaped and now there is a nice little colony starting up in the back of his van!!Barbara has converted one of our sheds into a temporary home for them.After such success with the original 1000, the homes seem to have dried up for these.
Photo is of the ferals in their enclosure sheltering from the rain in one of the kennels, its not often they stay in one place for a photo shoot- normally I spot them looking good, rush in to get my camera and as soon as I raise it to take the photo, they all do a vanishing trick.This time the rain was more of a problem to them than posing for a photo so they allowed it this time, however the looks they gave me where as if to say"make the most of it, it will be the last one you get for a while".They are probably right. Another of the Cilgwyn tip cats has been trapped and is now in residence with the others, another 2 living on a farm where the owner has died are being trapped this week and will join the clan.Then I will have no room for any more and must increase the search for farm or stable homes for them.Generally I dont take in ferals - only if there is great risk to their lives and in both these cases this is the situation.
As I finish this it has started to blow a gale outside and is raining heavily, Mei is rushing to get the old ponies in before it gets any worse, they are always so anxious to get to their stables when it is like this, even old Noddy comes in at a gallop on his poor little malformed legs.
Its good to end the day knowing that all the animals are warm and dry in their respective places, extra straw and hay is given to the pigs on days like this and they snuggle right under it to keep warm.Sometimes you would not believe there are pigs in the arks, they are buried so deeply into their bed.Oh How I long for a warm spring day.

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