Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Noddy enjoys the sunshine

Im feeling a bit brighter today, the loss of a pet leaves such an empty feeling and the fact I have so many other animals here makes absolutely no difference at all.
Its a bright sunny day today though freezing cold and the ground underfoot is quite treacherous and icy.Hay has had to be taken to all the fields as the ground is frozen and hard.
The bird feeders are emptying rapidly as birds flock to avail themselves of the free dinners.The cold weather is bringing all types of birds to the feeders, in the garden today I have seen a solitary blackbird and a solitary Thrush which I rarely see here.There are as usual dozens of chaffinches, some sparrows and starlings but there are new arrivals also - blue tits, great tits and a pair of wagtails.In the fields around there are flocks of crows and magpies with a few buzzards flying overhead. Lots of birds follow the horses about for the rich pickings amidst their droppings! Its a birds paradise,apart from the odd naughty cat spying upon them.Amazingly we have few bird casualties here, out of all the cats roaming free at the shelter there are only 2 hunters amongst them.
The photo above is of our oldest resident Noddy standing enjoying the sunshine, he is often seen on his own though his companion Maggie is never far away.She often
wanders up to the higher field and Noddys little old legs find the effort a little too much so he chooses to stay in the bottom field.This also means he is the first to come in at night and first to have his evening meal.Food is never far from his thoughts(I totally empathise with him!)
A home in Dorset has been offered to Christy one of the pound dogs so we are busy trying to organise the transport there.He should go this week sometime.Nicky the other dog has gone to a home in Cambridge to be a companion to a Border collie.The internet finds so many good homes for dogs, what we need is more people willing to help with transporting them to homes further afield.There are so few homes in this part of North Wales, too many animals, too few homes.
There are a few people coming to see cats this week so fingers crossed some of them will go soon.
Cariad our resident cat is in the vet undergoing tests to see what is wrong with her, her legs seem wobbly as though she has developed some sort of neurological problem.

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