Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Its Christmas!

Well little Pip went to his new home today, he has a three hour journey ahead of him and he was very excited and wriggly, I only hope he settled down a little on the trip back to Wolverhampton, I will be waiting anxiously for news.
Another adult cat went today to a retired couple who had lost one of their beloved cats,Im sure they chose the right cat, Horlicks came in with several other cats and had lived with dogs also so she should settle quite easily.Of course its a worry until we hear that all is well.Cats can behave very differently in a cattery and many a time the new owner has been told what a quiet little cat they have chosen only for us to hear later that the cat is a bully and a hyperactive pyschotic menace! Well maybe not quite that bad but they certainly can come out of their shells when they arrive in a new home.
Whilst I was walking the dogs this morning I could hear the baying and howling of the pack of foxhounds kennelled in the village.We have 2 packs here, the other is directly at the back of the shelter.Other than the times they are taken out hunting(yes they still hunt here and no the police do nothing about it) these animals do not receive any form of exercise, they are kept in small pens. bored and frusrtated, what a poor quality of life that is for any dog.If they get out once a weeek they are lucky.
The pigs have had their fair share of treats lately, there is little they dont like but they do have a penchant for tomatoes and bananas, Im glad the weather is not too cold, Winter is a hard time for potbellied pigs,its hard to keep them warm. Believe it or not there is a website where pig coats can be made to measure but our two are not overly friendly and there would be no chance of getting a fitting, never mind putting a coat on.They will have to make do with lots of extra straw and hay for bedding.
The 2 pound dogs, now named Christy and Nicky are doing well, another dog was found wandering in Caernarfon, this time a lovely chocolate and white coloured lurcher type about 8 months of age. He is a nice amiable dog and he he should make a lovely family pet. heres hoping that after the holiday some good homes are offered to them.
Alfie, pictured above is an ex Freshfields dog now living in LIverpool with my friend Diane and her son Jake. He is truly one of the family and is dearly loved.Poor Alfie had a less than auspicious start to his life, he remains nervous of strangers but is one hundred percent better than he used to be thanks to the care and love given to him now.I love this photo of him by the Christmas tree, I wish all animals could find such a home - That would be my Christmas Wish. How wonderful it would be if there was no cruelty in the world, no wars, no violence and Peace on earth was a Fact not just a dream.
Happy Christmas to everyone who cares.

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roy said...

Hi Lesley I have notified hunt watch and given them map references of kennels mentioned .But as they told me, when they receive a report of a hunt it is too late for them to get out to get evidence. Also reported to police on numerous occasions as you know ,but with no response. ROY