Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Where is the Christmas Spirit?

Sometimes people leave messages on my blog and I am ashamed to admit I have no idea how to reply to them so If you have left me a message please forgive me for not replying but I appreciate your comments and its nice to know people are actually taking the time to read this blog.
The staff at the Liverpool shelter are still trying to come to terms with the events last week and to top it all the police came to the shelter a few days ago searching for pitbull terriers, they had already been to another shelter and confiscated one of their dogs, presumably to destroy it.In my mind the police would be better employed visiting some of the gangs round merseyside and confiscating THEIR dogs to be placed into more caring homes, Most of us know that dogs are generally vicious when brought up badly or are treated as guard dogs to attack on command.I am not personally very fond of bull breeds but I have good experiences with many which have been of exemplary nature and those certainly did not deserve to be rounded up and destroyed.The problem is that many cross staffordshire bull terriers can have the appearance of a pitbull but this does not mean that it is a dangerous dog.
Thankfully no dogs were taken from our shelter.
Well amazingly we have found superb homes for some of our adult cats this past week, one has gone to live in Llandudno, another 2 went to someone who kindly donated us some catfood for the Christmas period, they fell in love with 2 little tabby brothers and returned later in the day to ask if they could take them and Harry our handsome but temperamental white and ginger took the eye of another catlover.On the other hand we have had some p[eople wanting xmas presents for relatives which of course have been refused, although they were all told they could reserve the animal of their choice, nobody did so which proved to me the homes were unsuitable.
We were forced to give shelter to Rollo a black 13 years old shetland pony who was rehomed in this area by a shelter in Sheffield, the new owners no longer wanted him and would not take him back to sheffield so we have helped out by fostering him until he can either be returned or found another more suitable home.I have been distressed at the number of calls and emails I have been receiving from people wanting to part with horses, I wish I had more land, more money and more staff to help these poor animals but the fact is I have limited resources so can only do the little I already do which seems such a drop in the ocean.
My dog foster homes are full of abandoned dogs, including two youngsters due for destruction at a dog pound in North Wales.One is just 6 months old, a cross labrador type and the other a very thin black and white collie aged around 9 months.Both have lovely natures, the collie hands you his paw- how could their owners leave them unclaimed in a dog pound? Will they give them a thought over Christmas? I doubt it very much.The Spirit of Christmas is somewhat lost with those sort of people.
Tammy the timid collie (pictured above)is still extremely shy but is starting to wag her tail, I hope after the holiday some nice people will come forward to offer them all homes.
There is someone coming all the way from Wolverhampton tomorrow to see Pip the little deaf Jack Russell.Barbara(our newest staff member) is fostering a little staff cross female pup which was taken into our Porthmadog shop today, I hope this is the end of it, we are struggling to find places for them all.


Jan said...

I live in one of those areas where gangs and pitbulls abound. I never see the Police approaching the gangs and I wholeheartedly agree that society would be better served if they pursued the yobs.. instead of caring rescues.

The mood at Liverpool is understandably sombre, but we will do what we always do, pick ourselves up and carry on the fight. It will soon be a new year and we can only work hard and hope that the law of compensation will eventually kick in. There is a tme for everything and I hope our time will come very soon.

Keep up the good work. You make a difference every single day and few people can claim that distinction.

Merry Christmas to you, the staff, volunteers and all the animals...... God Bless

Jan Robinson Liverpool

lynette said...

Dear Lesley and all your staff and Volunteers. A cheerful and peaceful Christmas to you all. We are so pleased for Harry. I have worried for him ever since he arrived, we have watched him turn from a teen to an adult and have wanted to give him a home every time we have seen him, but with our rowdy tribe he would never have fitted in. well see you all in march.
much love
Lynette and Bob