Sunday, 1 February 2009

MeeT Rollo

Well I still havent heard from the lady who was interested in Rollo(oictured here)I hope she hasnt changed her mind though better to do so at this stage than later when he is already home with them.
Another disappointment has been the back out of the home for Junior in Coventry.It seems the children were set on Princess the other dog pictured on the same site, however I did not feel Princess was right for a home with childern so Again best it happens at this stage.
On a good note - Bobby has gone to a home, heres hoping he settles in and more importantly that the people give him time to settle.I tell everyone to give new animals a chance to settle but often they panic after 24 hours and return them. This really upsets the animal concerned,I always honour our policy of having our own animals back if it doesnt work out but people should be more understanding of how traumatised animals are that have been taken to a shelter or abandoned, they need to feel safe and secure again and this does not happen overnight.A good example of this is Christy(now Ben) the collie who went to live in Dorset.His new owners have been so patient and showed so much compassion and understanding through many difficult weeks, they are still not out of the woods but they are dealing with the problems because they have already formed a close bond and they know that it takes time.
On the subject of the microchipped cat found in Bangor - it is looking as though it was the owner herself who handed the cat in as a stray!!!!! I am truly angry, she filled in an adoption form, was told that we would have the cat back if their circumstances ever changed and what do they do-- lie and take the cat somewhere else 2 years later.!!! Thank goodness Nell was taken in by the Cats Protection League people who have cared for her this past week.We will of course be bringing her back to Freshfields but this was all so unnecessary.Poor little Nell. I feel I really let her down.
A new homechecker has turned up to help us, Jean is willing to cover the Anglesey and Bangor areas.It does seem that we are finally drawing in the volunteers we have needed for so long, though we need several more to cover other areas of Gwynedd.
It is freezing here today, icy cold and the forecast is for snow.I am going to my brothers funeral in liverpool tomorrow so I am hoping that the roads will be clear enough.We havent had much snow at all so far but if the forecasts are anything to go by that will all change this coming week. I am going to top up all the bird feeders tonight and put lots of fat balls out for them as well.

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