Saturday, 21 February 2009

Well the call about the abandoned cats turned out to be not as urgent as first thought.The owner HAd moved but had taken one cat with him and could not catch the second though he was returning every day to try to catch her.
No cats rehomed today but Cody the abandoned collie (he was never claimed)has found new owners in Anglesey.Collies are always best going to homes where the people have had a collie before, they are lively dogs and need to be kept entertained mentally and physically, these people had always had collies so they know what they are taking on.One of his new owners is an artist and brought with her a beautiful framed print of an original painting of a foal, so we can raffle or sell it to raise funds.How thoughtful of her to do this.
I havent before felt like talking about it but my aunt Audrey passed away last week,I was brought up with her so it has been a big blow, not entirely unexpected as she was a very great age, just 6 months off her 100th!! She and my mum were sisters, we had always said that if one of them reached the age of 100 and received a telegram from the queen, it would be sent back with a "Thanks but no thanks" letter.We always deplored the Royal Familys penchant for killing every animal or bird that they come across in the name of sport.We thought we could get good publicity for the case agains hunting, I doubt if many send their telegram back.Sadly it was not to be though Audrey nearly made it and we nearly were able to make a protest in defence of animals.When she and my mum were children they went to a small private school run by 2 ladies who were great animals lovers.They taught the children to respect animal life and one day when they took them on an outing they witnessed a horse being beaten by its owner, one of the ladies ran across the road, took the whip off the man and set about HIM with it.They never forgot this distressing spectacle and retained their interest in animal welfare to the end of their lives.Both were greatly supportive of me and Freshfields and I miss them both.
Ona more cheerful note I have someone coming on Wednesday to look at the ponies here with a view to having one, they already have one of our horses(Big Murphy)There is also someone coming over from Cheshire to see Sadie the emaciated black and tan bitch who is no longer pathetically thin and is enjoying life to the full here.She is still nervous of strangers and barks at them before running and hiding but she is basically a nice natured dog and I think with more one to one attention her confidence will improve in leaps and bounds.
A home for two feral cats has been offered so I will do that tomorrow.It is local so will not take up too much time.

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