Saturday, 7 February 2009

Match Made in Heaven (I Hope)

The stray cat was bought in, she is pregnant so clearly was in need of rescuing so this time the caller was correct in assuming she was homeless.She is a pretty little all black cat who looks barely past kittenhood herself.There is so much help nowadays for people who are unable to afford veterinary costs of neutering cats, why is it that so many are still being brought in pregnant and when the kitten season starts, why we will receive hundreds of calls from owners whose cats have had litters? What needs to be done to get the word out to people? Mind you I had a call today from a man who wanted a collie male to breed with his female collie.I was as polite as could be(Yes I was, honestly) but suggested he spay the female as there wrere too many unwanted dogs being destroyed every day in the Uk and collies are hard to find suitable homes especially when there are so many in rescue shelters.What was his reaction? He told me there was something wrong with my attitude and hung up!!!So even when I am the politest most charming I can be, the fact is if someone does not want to hear something it is like talking to a brick wall and on top of that I get insulted!! Is it worth it? Yes because every now and again someone will take new inmformation and advice on board and may even be glad to receive that information and if it stops even one litter of pups being taken to a rescue centre or sold to unsuitable people then it is worthwhile.
I was very upset after receiving a call from the owner of the beautiful lurcher dogs anya and Rocky, they were to be destroyed that day!I was at my computer checking emails when this happened, I was close to tears and then noticed an email had come through entitled Anya the lurcher.A home was being offered, people in Yorkshire were prepared to travel to Wales to see her as she was so like their own dog who had died.I quickly rang back the owner and told her to bring them in, then remembered someone had shown interest in Rocky, I emailed her and today she has driven from manchester to foster Rocky until we find him a suitable home.Both dogs are now safe.Anya is on her way to Harrogate to start a new life.
I have also been fortunate to place a very timid dog Princess with a couple from east Sussex.Princess and her sibling Junior were in desperate need of homes so onto the website they went and I was inundated with calls for them but Princess needed a special home with people who knew how to deal with such a frightened animal.her new people have run an animal sanctuary and have had experience with dogs like Princess.She will need much patience and understanding before she behaves like a normal dog. She is one of the most timid I have seen here and believe me there have been a few! I will be waiting anxiously for news.
Princess is pictured with her new best friends Ken and Sally.The other photo I took of Anya and her new people did not turn out but they promised to send me some photos when they settle her in so I will have to wait until then.

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