Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Noddy lives to fight another day

Noddy is well.Thank god for that,I really thought I was going to lose him.Of all the ponies here Noddy is very special to me. By 11pm he was eating normally and back to his old self.Today he is absolutely fine, last out, first in!I suppose he is particularly special as he has been in the care of this charity since he was eight years old.He was admitted after a call from his owner told us of his possible fate, she had been declared bankrupt and was concerned that Noddy would become part of the assets which could be removed and sold.He arrived from Derbyshire, a feisty uncontrollable stallion.(How did she cope with him in her back garden?)What a nightmare it was until we had him gelded and he started to calm down.Until that happened it was a regular occurrence to hear loud shouts of "help me " resounding from one of the fields.He was scared of nobody but my god we were all scared of him.This little shetland with extra short legs thought he was the size of a police horse, he would take on anybody and anything.More than once he had me pinned up in a corner of the field, he would lean forward and gnash his teeth at me, them swing round and kick up with his back legs.I would dodge him and then run like hell to a place of safety, often he would catch up just as I leaped over the fence and would make a grab for me hoping his teeth would meet up with some part of my anatomy(and they frequently did)Every day was fraught with terror whilst he was like this.Nobody who meets him now can believe what he was like all those years ago, this sweet mild mannered gentle little pony, No I dont believe it they say.Well, Believe me its true, we all lived in terror of him. Regardless of this past bad behaviour he is undoubtedly "My main Man"my pride and joy, and woe betide anyone who laughs at his misshapen body.He is BEAUTIFUL>
Thanks janette from Hearts n noses pig sanctuary in canada(check out her online diary)you know what its like when you think one of your beloved animals is on his last, I hardly slept that night
The bantam was claimed by a neighbour, 2 cats have been rehomed today, one a 7 years old black and white female called Aimee is going to live with one of my blog followers.Look after her well Margaret.
I am excited to see the new Freshfields website is up and running after months of preparation.It will be a joint site for both shelters, it is in its infancy and more content will be added but its looking good so far, a great improvement on the old one.I hope it will bring new supporters, animal homes and with a bit of luck more funds will come rolling in!Eventually all our adoptable animals will be on there, it takes time to get them all on but it should help with the rehoming side of things.I have already had several enquiries for dogs here and a homecheck is going ahead for the latest collie now named Cody.
A lady in Anglesey who has one of our horses, Big Murphy has been on the phone and may be taking another, I prefer that type of call to those wanting to part with horses. I have been asked to help with a dog whose days are up tomorrow in a dog pound, he is a 4 years old staffordshire bull terrier, I admit to being worried i will not find him a home, there is such antipathy and even animosity towards this breed at the moment due to bad press. I am a believer of the saying"there are no bad dogs, only bad owners" unfortunately the bad owners ruin what could have been perfectly nice animals and when damage is done It is no easy matter to find a new home.,Having said that, I am told this one is loveable and is not interested in being aggressive towards other animals.,We shall see.Watch this space.


Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Lesley

I just wanted to say that Aimee is settling in well. She's curled up on my lap as I type this! My husband took to her right away too.

She did climb all over the kitchen at first, but she was just exploring. The thing about jumping up on the counters seems to be because she's hoping to find a dirty pan in the sink to lick! When everything is clean and tidy, she doesn't jump up at all.

My sink and counters have not been so spotless for ages!

lesley said...

Thanks Marrgaret, and nice to meet a blog reader!always wonder who they are. Im so glad Aimee is ok.take care, lesley

Margaret Hall said...

Oh, I forgot to say in my previous comment, if you click on my Blog icon, you'll see I've done an entry about Aimee with a couple of photos.

Neasy said...

I agree with your point about Staffordshire Bull Terriers; our dog Cadi is a Staffy cross (we don't know crossed with what; Kelpie maybe?) and to be honest if they'd described her as a Staffy cross on the rescue website I wouldn't even have asked to see her I was so biased and ignorant. Of course when we met her she was so lovely and affectionate that it wouldn't have mattered what breed she was, we just fell in love with her (she's sleeping on my feet as I type!)