Sunday, 8 February 2009

More snow.

what a day today, its been snowing heavily all day and we have had no visitors althouugh we were delighted to see Dilys, an intrepid volunteer who managed to brave the weather to come and help with the cats.All the cats are staying indoors, its far too cold for them to brave the elements and why should they, the conservatory cats have both central heating and another heater for warmth.No wonder what was originally for the old cats is now becoming popular with some of the bolder ferals.Of course they glare at me with distrust when I enter the conservatory and some will quickly disappear through the cat flap to return only when I am not around.Others more daring simply stare at me with eyes wide as if daring me to make one move towards them. The cat flap unfortunately is now just a hole in the glass as William enters in and out through it so the flap is broken. How even a medium sizd lurcher can squeeze through it is amazing but he does it regularly and with great ease.
We have brought the old ponies early, it is too windy and cold for them, as always Noddy leads them all in, first to come in, last to go out.He is motivated by food naturally.The pigs have disappeared into their Piggy home and are snuggled up on a thick bed of straw, even the sheep have taken shelter today.That reminds me, I am taking two neutered rams from the Liverpool shelter.I cant wait to meet them, their names are Joseph and Jacob and they are very handsome Jacobs sheep.They should fit in nicely with the three resident sheep, Bertie, Sam and Chloe.
2 beautiful pups were admitted today, there are times I wish I had kennels here, its such a nuisance having to foster dogs out but what can I do with such a bad neighbour and a Council who backs his complaints?pictured above are the pups Millie and Charlie.

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