Wednesday, 4 February 2009

We are snowed in.

I returned from my brothers funeral in Liverpool, to a snowed in shelter! The snow is quite deep here and I got stuck halfway up the track! I had a boring drive home as someone broke into my car in Prestatyn(I left it outside my nieces house to travel in her car to liverpool) and stole my stereo, It was just the last straw.Oh well, thats life.
The animals are all enjoying the snow, particularly the dogs.They are all in high spirits chasing each other round the fields.Even William was tempted into a mad half hour(see photo)Not bad for an elderly chap! I had a call yesterday from a lady in Porthmadog who had found an abandoned dog tied up in her drive, the poor dog was shivering and very frightened.I had to phone a friend who has a health store in that area and ask if he would go and untie the dog as the lady was a little nervous.He did so and the lady kindly allowed him to put the scared dog
in an outhouse with a heater for the night.Today she is mingling happily with our dogs, she is a young cross staffordshire bull terrier female, very friendly and puppyish.I hope she will be alright with the cats, that is the next step, we need to know this or we cannot let her off the lead at all.picture above is of Mei giving her a cuddle.
A farmer has just been here with yet another collie, this time the dog is unsuitable for sheepdog trials, he has no style apparently!Well I think he has plenty of style though I cannot say that for the owner.Shep is a stunning sheepdog, the type people like, longcoated balck and white.I doubt he will be homeless for long.
Good news - Rollo is going to his new home as soon as the snow clears, I had an email about him, Im so pleased that they did not change their mind.


Neasy said...

Hi there.

I'm really sorry about your stereo, what a horrible thing to happen on such a sad day for you.

The young staffy looks lovely; we've just got our first (rescue) dog, a young staffy cross (x border collie possibly) - we visited your shop in Llandudno on Saturday and Cadi got a biscuit (lucky girl). She's such a lovely dog, I can't believe anyone would abandon her outside a shop in the snow as they apparently did.

Anyway I wish you well with your good work and hope Sadie is getting on OK.


lesley said...

thanks for your comments, hope your new dog settles well, I have found a home for the new staff cross. sadie is doing well, take care, lesley