Sunday, 22 February 2009

Drum and Ken have a party.

This weekend has been so much warmer , I love to hear the birds singing in the trees, makes me believe its finally Spring and isnt it wonderful the way daffodills and other spring bulbs are springing into flower everywhere.N0body likes the winter months but in an animal shelter it makes life that much harder for both staff and animals alike.
I went today to check out 2 homes, one for a couple of feral cats and the other for some geese and ducks which are in the Liverpool shelter needing new homes.The first one may not bear fruit as they were unsure about takling on feral cats so I left them to think it over carefully.The second will come back to me about the geese.So its possible neither may be successful.Never mind,they may both decide in favour,I can only hope.
I heard today from the lady who is fostering Ramona and Rusty the 2 chestnuts whose owner was seriously ill.The were signed over to our care in October and as we had no room have been at theirfoster home ever since.Its good news! Mary will keep them longer, thats great because I want to try and get some ponies into loan homes before next winter, Ramona and Rusty will need stabling and as the situation stands now there will not be room for them.Rusty has recently had some teeth out and he needs several small meals daily as he finds it hard eating hay.Mary has sectioned off part of the barn so he can be fed seperately as Ramona is a very greedy horse and will eat hers and then rush over to eat Rustys food too.Rusty needs time to finish his food and with Ramona he had little chance of that!
Drum and Ken (pictured above)who share a stable must have had a party last night- their dividing partition was open and the rubber matting was completely up and overturned.Heaven knows how they managed that but this morning they looked as if butter would not melt, they were a picture of innocence.The stable is out of use until we can get someone to level the floor again and restore the matting to its rightful place.Good job the weather is warmer, they will have to stay out until the work is done.

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