Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sam, Rollo and Murphy shetlands in the snow.

Rosie Lee has found a home already, she will be going to a home in Oxford next Friday.Mei is travelling there to see a friend and is going with one of our horse homecheckers Jan(jan has 4 of our ponies on loan- Buster and Did and Heather and Paddy shetlands)so they will be able to see for themselves where RosIe Lee will be living. She really is a sweet natured little dog.
The snow is clearing a little bit but tonight its snowing again so if it keeps it up all night, everywhere will be covered in white again. Most of the staff are managing to get in to work with the exception of Rhian who also lives in a hill property and may not make it tomorrow.A 4 x 4 is definitely needed to traverse the track although Roy the manager of our Caernarfon shop braved it today but almost got stuck when he tried to leave.Its so icy I would prefer people did not attempt it in case there is an accident.Most people are leaving their vehicles at the bottom of the track and trudging up through the snow.
Our youngest kittencat "Anthony" went to a home yesterday. I brought him back from Liverpool with me, he belonged to a girl I know whose dog was showing signs of aggression towards him, she was very upset having to part with him but it was an accident waiting to happen so she did the right thing in giving him up for adoption.
Also 2 elderly cats have gone to their homes. Toots and Tabitha have both gone to live with elderly people, nice quiet homes which should suit them down to the ground and just in case anybody is conjuring up images of frail pensioners battling through the snow on Zimmer frames we delivered both cats straight to the door!
A new cat was admitted today, Jonesey a middle aged Tortoishell and white cat has lost her owner and there is nobody to care for her. She seems quite happy so far, well as happy as a suddenly bereaved and homeless cat can be.Another may arrive tomorrow, a call came through today about a stray cat living in an old shed in someones garden.The cat is wearing a collar so I have asked the caller to check with neighbours before bringing her in. Often people say that there is a stray cat around and then the irate owner rings the shelter demanding his cat back, sometimes the owner only lives doors away from where the cat was "found".
Years ago I had a distinctively marked grey and white cat which always sat on my front wall in Formby.One day I was looking out the window and saw a car pull up, a lady got out the car, picked up my cat and droive off with him.I was devastated and ran oputside only to see the car disappearing into the distance. All sorts went through my mind.Was he being taken for vivisection, catfur?? I contacted the local paper and they ran an article the following week, I received a call from the "kidnapper" as soon as the article was published.It seems this lady had seen the cat, thought it was her own grey and white cat, took him home, found hers in the house and instead of returning mine, kept him until she saw the article in the newspaper. I have to say although I was greatly relieved to have him back safely I found it hard to understand why she did not recognise her own cat and more importantly why she failed to return mine the same day. She could have saved me a week of heartache.My point is that cats who visit other homes to get fed and who sit on walls are not necessarily lost or homeless and people should check before they jump to this conclusion, it can be distressing for both cat and owner.

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