Friday, 20 February 2009

Billy the staff is neutered.

Well this is Billy, he appears to be very friendly and he certainly did not deserve to die but I am still worried in case I fail to find him a home.I have posted him on Dogsblog and the Freshfields website, I will look today to see if there any others I could try though I suspect they will all be full of similar dogs in desperate situations.It is incredibly sad that the media has the ability to panic people into thinking all staffordshire bull terriers should be destroyed, that they are dangerous and untrustworthy. several years ago the same happened to rottweillers and within days of the "panic articles" appearing in newspapers, we had 1 abandoned in the lane opposite the Liverpool shelter.I was walking some dogs up the lane and saw this rottweiller through the trees.I took the dogs back and returned to catch the dog.I was nervous, she could have been vicious but she came over to me and allowed me to clip the lead on to her collar.Sophie was the most gentle of dogs and the only reason I could see for her abandonment was that the owner had been panicked into getting rid of her.After this experience we were inundated with requests to take Rottweillers! Now it is staffordshires and crosses of the breed which are filling up the rescue centres.What next? Jack Russells?
I have been taking in feral cats from the local tip which has closed down, there had been men with terriers seen there and it was generally thought that they were after the cats. With the closure of the tip, this colony had become extremely vulnerable and those being trapped and brought in have been dehydrated and hungry.We homed four together to a smallholding but there have been no feral homes forthcoming for some time now.There will be a newspaper article abpout them, hopefuly next week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that another suitable home wiull be offered, even just for two, that would make a difference.My feral enclosure is full, I will not be able to give shelter to any others until a few are homed. As a rule Freshfields does not take in feral cats, we trap, neuter and release but every now and again there will be a situation where it would be dangerous to release them and the choice is to destroy or to take in.Needless to say destroying is not an option.They may be wild but they have the right to live the same as any domestic cat.
A call has just come through about someone who has moved and abandoned two cats.I have to find the number of the Housing association to gain access.More of that tomorrow


Neasy said...

I read this and was so moved by your commitment, dedication & hard work that I headed for the Llandudno shop and made a donation. Keep blogging because it reminds people of the good work you do.

lesley said...

Thanks so much for this email and your support.I cant thank you enough and having someone say something so positive really boosts morale.