Saturday, 28 February 2009

An injured dog arrives and 2 cats are homed.

Two adult cats ( pictured here)Bobby and Reba have gone today to a lady who already has had a cat from us.I love these homes because I know they are good and I can feel assured the animals will be well cared for.Another person called and chose a cat, he too has one of ours already, he is bringing his wife Sunday to choose .
One of the cats which was a stray from Llandudno has shown signs of being unable to jump up on the shelf in the cat pen.She has been diagnosed with a bruised back and has been given anti inflammatories. Alex is not a young cat and with her problem I felt she might be happier in the conservatory where she has settled down on a cushion placed on the bottom shelf of what used to be an old Tv cabinet.The other cats have completely accepted the newcomer.They really are a mottley crew in there.I was looking around at the cats, there is Harvey the one eyed tabby,Leila with the skin disorder, one eyed Ebony,Gracie another cat with a hormonal problem affecting her coat.grumpy little Gill the elderly longhaired cat who never grooms herself , Cariad the longhaired ginger who has a spinal problem and is wobbly on her legs, plus a couple of ancient domestics and the boldest of the ferals who have moved in to this luxury accommodation. Its a cats life!
The ex farm Collie Bengy is a lovely dog, we have not yet seen his behaviour with cars etc and I am still hoping to find a method of training him which does not include the use of an electric collar(Mr MIlans chosen method)I remain a great fan of Cesar Milan but I do not approve of this particular method of training.
The collie from the Vet surgery arrived, brought in by one of the receptionists Sharon. This run in with a car on Wednesday has resulted in the dog having a fractured skull and he has stitches both in his head and leg.Nobody as yet has claimed him.He seems a nice dog, a little nervous of strangers but that is to be expected, after all he has been through a lot in just a few days.
The lady who was interested in one of our horses is interested in Drum the coloured cob. We have had a physiotherapist here working on both him and Rusty(one of the Anglesey ponies)Rusty, in particular has shown much improvement after her visit.It seems that alhough he is no longer in pain, the prolonged habit of hunching his body against the pain has resulted in his muscles seizing up, we have been given exercises for him and hope he will continue to improve.

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