Sunday, 1 March 2009

18 years old Moses chooses his retirement home.

Its been another good day for volunteers turning up,Dilys our regular sunday helper was joined by a mother and daughter from Anglesey and a lady who spent a couple of hours just walking the dogs.Im sure Gail was glad of the help,I certainly was pleased to see them pulling up in their cars. Poor Rhian is still off with concussion so without the volunteers we would have struggled this week.
The gentleman from yesterday returned with his wife and took Cleo the little tabby female who had only been here a few weeks and 2 black adult cats have gone to a home also. It has not been a bad weekend for cats.We do not expect to home dozens but 3 or 4 a week keeps things ticking over nicely.
Moses an ancient longhaired cat I took in a year ago at the age of 17 years had developed a very matted coat.Moses had been a feral cat all his life but in his old age had become more amenable to humans, however he had stopped grooming himself and was unhappy to allow us to groom him.I did not want to send him to the vet to be anaesthetised in order to strip his coat off as the cold weather would have killed him without his thick coat to keep him warm so he went temporarily to a supporter who has been doing his coat bit by bit.To my amazement I have heard that he is lapping up all the attention and is enjoying lying in front of the fire, even better he has been offered a permanent home there.I am thrilled for him, I had tried him in my house but he did not care for the other cats at all and simply ran back to Kitty Kottage(where the ferals live)Clearly he has just been waiting for a better retirement option! Be happy Moses.
There was an original enquiry for Billy the staffordshire bull terrier but nothing definite yet.We have now found out that he is good with other dogs which is a real bonus with this breed. He has been out with a few of the resident dogs and appears to be completely unaggressive with any of them, males or females.I would still not trust him with cats or small pets but I think he will make a nice pet for the right person.
The road accident dog we have named kane has still not been claimed, of course as the days wear on there is less chance of this happening.He is a happy friendly collie so with a bit of luck and some extensive advertising he should not be here too long.First step is to book him and Bengy in for neutering ,Bengy can be done pretty soon but Kane will have to wait until his medication is finished and he is up to another operation.
I have been asked to help with a 4 years old West highland terrier , an ex puppy farm dog who had been passed on to a lady who is unable to cope with the fact that she is not house trained.Through a friend in Derbyshire this little dog has a home waiting already, she will be going to someone who has been waiting for a small dog and is experienced with problem dogs-not that Leah is a problem really, she has just never had the opportunity to be in a home.It is not her fault she has never been trained, I believe she is also terrified of the lead, in other words she has just been a breeding machine kept in a pen and not socialised.This dog was unwanted because she miscarried 2 litters of pups!!! In her case it was the best thing that could have happened to her, it has released her from a terrible life. The same friend in Derbyshire is checking out a home for another little dog, this time it is one on the waiting list at the Liverpool shelter.Molly an 8 years old Maltese terrier has lost her owner and this new home sounds ideal for her.
I am almost finished writing our next newsletter, sometimes its hard to think of stories which will interest the people reading it and when I finish and have it printed, I always feel it is boring and uninteresting and wish I had done it a different way!
I cant believe today is the first of March, I need to spend some time trying to organise some fundraising events and the first job is to set up a meeting with the manager of the Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog who has offered me facilities at the Hotel so we can hold a coffeee morning or similar.There is also a lady in Dolgellau who would like to start a fundraising group to raise funds for the shelter.All things I need to address these issues over the coming week.

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