Sunday, 22 March 2009

A stun gun is requested.

Cariad seems a little better today though her balance is far from normal.Still not had the results of her blood tests.
It has been another quiet weekend, only one cat rehomed, the couple who came to see Ben the dalmation cross were not compatible with him at all.I think as they had never had a dog before that he was too young and lively for them.There is no doubt they offer a good home but it will have to be the right dog, maybe something a few years old would be best for them.There is another home waiting for him, pending a homecheck of course.If this passes he will go to live in Dorset near the edge of a forest which will be ideal for a dog like Ben.
The owner still has not collected the black pony.This cant go on.
The lady who owned the neglected horses which we are still treating 12 months later, has decided to contact a solicitor for the return of her animals.I really dont need this aggravation, they were signed over to the shelter and I have the Vets report and the Farriers report on file but I wish now I had reported her to the RSPCA, I refrained from this action due to the womans ill health, I will not be as considerate if this ever happens again.Thanks to her longterm neglect 2 young ponies had to be euthanased - totally unforgiveable.
Jan who has 4 of our horses on loan came to help in the office yesterday, she has been getting the microchip database up to date. After 2 hours work, the computer crashed and she lost the lot!All her work for nothing, she looked about to burst into tears and decided to call it a day and go home. Just before she left I took a call from a lady wanting advice.
She wanted to know if I had a Stun Gun because an animal had escaped from a property.Imagining some sort of dangerous wild creature roaming the North Wales countryside, I told her to contact a vet and asked her to describe the escaped animal. "its a feral" she said."Feral what" I asked,the lady replied "its A feral Chicken!!!! Jan and I collapsed in a fit of giggles.Life is never dull here.

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