Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fluff, my Cat of the month

It seems ages since we homed any ponies on our loan scheme, however today someone from Conway came and chose Pepsi and Caspar.This will be their 2nd home, not all loan homes are permanent much as we would like them to be but these two are too young to spend their lives here.They were both rescued from being sold for meat at the age of 9 months and they are now 7 years old and inseparable.Pending our obligatory homecheck they should be off to pastures new next week.
The home for Dylan one of the Anglesey ponies, did not work out so he is being fostered by a friend who may decide to keep him,If not he will return here and we will most likely allow him to remain here .
The owner of the stray pony has not yet been to collect her!
There is interest already in Fudge the new puppy so she should be homed by this weekend.Bengy collies home has been checked out favourably so he too should be leaving us very soon and little Gwen the 6 years old cross lab is going on Sunday.A busy weekend ahead.I Wish more cats were going although there have been a few calls today so maybe at the weekend some homes will be found.There has been a call expressing interest in little Martha the one eyed kittencat , I wish someone would show interest in Fluff the cat with the heart murmer.It is starting to bother me now, when I go in the cattery my heart aches for him.He has been here too long and he has the gentlest nature.I do understand why he doesnt appeal to people.Most want a cat to live a long life with them and to be able to go outdoors.He is only 3 years old and good with other cats but Fluff must go to an indoor home, a flat maybe as any shock like a dog chasing him or a child frightening him would possibly cause him to have a heart attack.His other problem, well it isnt a problem really but he is not neutered because his heart would not stand the anaesthetic, however he has inverted testicles so does not smell or spray like a tom cat. Of all the cats here Fluff is the one and he has to be the one i would be most delighted to find a home.I know there is someone out there for most of the animals if not all of them but sometimes it takes a while to find the right person for a very special animal.We just have to persevere and keep trying, eventually it will happen.


Neasy said...

Hi there. Did someone get in touch with you with an acre of grazing or so on offer near Sarn (I think?) - someone was offering free grazing on the Anglesey Freecycle page and I suggested they contact you (a few weeks ago I suppose). Anyway, I hope they did.



Janice Gillett said...

Prayers sent for Fluff!!

lesley said...

Hi Nia, no that person did not get in touch, thanks for thinking of us.
Janice, thank you for your thoughts re fluff.