Sunday, 8 March 2009

Archie goes and an old farm dog arrives.

It has been a very quiet weekend with few visitors and even fewer helpers.Oh well thats how it is sometimes.At least Archie lurcher has gone to his new home in Lancaster.Tanya travelled here in a motorhome with her own dog, , a beautiful silver grey wirehaired lurcher female called Freya with whom Archie immediately bonded.His tail which is usually held low between his legs, started to wave and he was happy to be put in the motorhome with his new girlfriend.I think Kaz who fostered him had a few pangs watching him go but the week he had in her home had made a tremendous diffrence to his confidence.He will still need a lot of TLC and patience as he still is not house trained and he is terrified of a lead but I feel sure his new person will be able to overcome these problems.
An old red and white collie was brought here this afternoon, he was found in a field with sheep(a hanging offence here)He has a very matted coat, was very hungry and wolfed down the food we offered him,it barely touched the sides.He is a typical neglected farm dog, will someone claim him or not? It is becoming impossible to know.There have been so many collies in great condition, young dogs which I was sure owners would claim and I have been proved wrong time and time again.This one certainly looks neglected but a farmer could turn up for him any time.Its anyones guess.If he isnt claimed he will not be easy to rehome, he must be at least 13 years of age.There are very few people willing to take on a dog this age.I have been asked to home 2 other oldish collies from a dog pound but although I have advertised them there has been no interest shown at all.Personally I prefer the oldies, they are generally less active and demanding and are so grateful to be somewhere warm and comfortable.I would always give a home to an elderly dog, in fact I have 6 of my own right now, ranging from William aged 13 years to the Maggie Marthas (so called as we never found out which was which!) 20 years old yorkies rescued last year.
I have just heard that Drum has settled down in his new hom on Anglesey and the two horses are getting on well.There is someone coming on Thursday who is interested in homing 2 of our ponies, maybe Sam and Murphy the shetlands or Pepsi and Caspar the welsh section A s.
We have also been offered some more free grazing for the summer so we should manage well enough this year.

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