Thursday, 5 March 2009

A stray pony is found.

Weird weather, yesterday we had thick snow, today the sun is shining and all snow has disappeared. Well we have taken in another stray - this time it is a PONY. The police rang to ask for help and we had to ring a friend with a horse trailer to go and collect her.On Tuesday the pony had been found galloping along a busy road and had been put (without the owners permission) into a nearby field .Unfortunately the pony was not from this property and when she was found the following day she had caused mayhem with the ponies already in the field who had become agitated and excited at the presence of a stranger in their midst.In spite of enquiries made by both the police and ourselves we were unable to trace the owner and so were in a position where we had to take action.The pony was very hungry and is underweight, in fact since her arrival she has scarcely had her head out of the hay rack.Clearly the owner does not check his/her pony on a daily basis or she would have been claimed by now.This is totally unacceptable, they should be checked daily, anything can happen to an animal left indefinitely to its own devices, there was quite a storm the night the pony was found, why did nobody go next day to check the security of the fences? We have had a sudden very cold spell of weather this last few days, why was the pony not checked upon? So many questions,I am sure all will be revealed soon but I fear I will not be happy with the answers.This pony deserves better.
Archie lurcher and the two collies Bengy and kane have been neutered today, Bengy is none too happy and is trying to nibble at his stitches already so both the collies are wearing those awful collars.I hate seeing them trying to cope with these but needs must.It looks like Archie already has a home, we have been inundated with offers of homes for him, he is a popular boy,I have chosen someone who has another rescued dog and who has experience with a nervous lurcher like Archie.Both collies also have people interested so pending homechecks they may too be on their way soon .
An elderly cat was returned today, Toots is 12 years old and her owner could not cope with her.Poor Toots, I have her in the house but she is very unhappy at the moment.The oldies take so much longer to adapt to new environments
We took delivery today of the 2 Jacob sheep from the liverpool shelter .Joseph and Jacob are very handsome young men but our 3 are totally bemused by the arrival of these interlopers and are currently unimpressed by the stunning good looks of the newcomers.I hope it does not take too long for the equilibrium to be restored.

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