Sunday, 15 March 2009

Meet New arrival Ben the dalmation cross

Once again the Dogsblog website has worked its miracle and the three latest dogs Fudge, Bengy and Gwen have all gone today to homes, one to Chester and the other two to lancashire.They are not staying any length of time in their temporary foster homes which is marvellous.Our newest arrival is Ben an 8 months cross Dalmation with a wonderful nature who should find a home soon too, he is very strong so needs someone who is strong enough to manage him on the lead and will not be toppled over when he jumps up to greet them.
We had a visitor today who is interested in having one of our ponies as a companion to her elderly horse but she is going on holiday soon so will visit again when she returns.That would be marvellous if we could find another pony home before the summer.
Yesterday two helpers Ramona and Steve came to build a wooden table type thingy(sorry for my inarticulate writing today)for the feral enclosure.This is intended to act as a cover for the litter trays but also to give the ferals another place to sit and sleep on when we have warmer weather.They actually made two of them and some of the younger ferals showed great interest in the activity going on in their home.The more nervous cats stayed well out of the way until the interlopers left(not my thoughts, just trying to imagine what the cats thought of the human beings making so much noise in their normally quiet space!)After Ramona and Steve left, the cats began to venture out slowly and it seemed that the general concensus of opinion between them was that the new table thingys were a great success and were tested with much enthusiasm by all the feral residents.
The weather has been wonderful this weekend and its been good to see the cats out and about again, for so long they have stayed out the cold , snuggling into their warm beds in Kitty Kottage or in the conservatory, today there have been cats enjoying their snoozes outside on the office veranda chairs, on the top of the sheds and even just sleeping on the floor of the yard.Even the pigs have abandoned their ark for a bit of fresh air and have been sleeping on the grass.There have been no homes for cats but lots of calls for kittens which we do not have,then as soon as we start to admit kittens(probably round easter) all the homes will have dried up! Its the same every year.Our first mum and babies arrive today from Anglesey. Her three kittens are just two weeks old and they will all be fostered by Mion in Porthmadog until they are ready to go to homes in about 6 weeks.Then we will have mum back at the shelter , have her spayed and put up for adoption too.

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