Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A life in the sun is ahead for Leo.

Pepsi and caspar the two welsh ponies set off today for their new home,it is always a wrench to see them go, I will never understand how people sell their horses on , I feel I am betraying them when they are loaded on to the horse trailer, I always wish they could know that we are doing what is for their own sake.I cant wait to hear how they travelled and how they have settled in.
Tara our resident collie who lives now in the office has been off colour today so has gone to the vet, she has a slight temperature and is having some blood tests.She must be around 15 years of age. This lovely collie has lived here for nearly 6 of those years and prior to that had been in and out of dog shelters and homes.Her problem was not trusting people and Im afraid she bit in every home she went to. Eventually she was booked in to a vet for destruction but I heard about her and offered her a home at the shelter.For the first few years she was kennelled with another older collie Monty but when we lost him to old age related problems, Tara came to live in the office where she is now completely at home and she has company for most of the day.Everyone is very fond of Tara but we know she is on borrowed time. A year ago we thought her number was up, she has a very bad heart murmer but when the vet put her on new tablets she appeared to have a new lease of life.Just days ago she was playing with a toy and throwing it about and generally acting like a puppy, then today she was completely flat and lifeless, refusing to even go outside.The change was drastic and very worrying.We wait now to hear the results of the blood tests.
The owner of the stray pony has rung and left a message on the answerphone - he is planning to collect her on thursday or Friday!! That will be 2 weeks livery costs to pay. I hope there will be no trouble when he comes,I have very mixed feelings about it and cant help being concerned about the future of the pony.Even after a few weeks its easy to form an attachment.
Yippee, a cat was homed today.He was one of the youngest we have here at the moment, a striking little tabby called Leo.His owner was in a flat and Leo wanted to get outside all the time.He will be living near Porthmadog for the next few years and then will be going with his new people and their other cat to a retirement home in Cyprus.Their current feline has a passport and all the required injections ready for the move to come so A life in the sun beckons for Leo.Lucky sod!Wish theyd take me too!

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