Thursday, 26 March 2009

And where exactly do I sit?

I couldnt resist taking this photo of my living room sofa occupied totally by animals,I decided to sit on the other sofa but within seconds most had vacated this one to join me! I cant win, best to give up and just squeeze in with the gang.From left to right- Felix cat, Suzy,Ruby, the maggie marthas, William and Fatticat.
The Liverpool ambulance came up today, driven by friends Elaine and Suzy, they brought me some donated dogfood from Lisa who runs Healthy Paws.Lisas dogfood is a healthy recipe loved by most dogs, even the fussy ones.I am grateful to her for her help.Also in the ambulance were 3 lovely dogs for which I will try to find good homes. Hooch, a breed of mastiff (dogue de Bordeaux) is just 1 year old, a lovely natured dog but my god he neeeds his bits off quickly.I have never seen such an oversexed dog.The other two Sasha a friendly cross GSd and Jackson a gorgeous dog of indeterminate breed arrived looking bewildered and dejected, that is until we introduced the pair of them.From there on their tails lifted,they licked each others muzzles - their whole demeanour changed from dejection to happiness. It was amazing, these two dogs had never met before but they formed an instantaneous bond. We have to try and home them together, for them to form this attachment so soon is incredible and it would be a great shame to part them.Oh and its not because Sasha is in season and the dog fancies a bit of rumpy pumpy!! Both animals are neutered.
The owner of the pony has turned up and taken her and guess what- he failed to pay a penny towards her keep in spite of promising to do so. There was no point carrying it on and starting legal proceedings, it would cause too much local ill will but I am very disappointed and annoyed to find ourselves out of pocket.
It was good to see Elaine and Suzy again, they spent a few hours here meeting the animals and taking photographs, I think Suzy took a particular shine to my main man "Noddy". Its good to know that it isnt just me who finds him totally irresistable.

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Janice Gillett said...

Loved the couch photo!!! Hey did you know if you click on the picture from your blog it gets biggger??
How could he not even leave you a doantion after taking care of his pony this long.. shameful and i hope he reads your blog.