Saturday, 7 March 2009

Meet Joseph and Jacob

These two handsome young men are Jacob Sheep which have been transferred from the Liverpool shelter to Wales.They had been back garden pets until they found themselves homeless. Although our sheep Bertie, Sam and Chloe were initially very apprehensive, today they are all in a little huddle together.All differences appear to be in the past.
Well unbelievably STILL nobody has claimed the pony which was found wandering.We have named her Ebony and have wormed her so she is able to join our own ponies today.No wonder she was underweight and so hungry, the poor creature was riddled with worms.Judging by her teeth she could be fairly young, between 7 and 10 years though we will have a more accurate idea when our dentist next visits.That is if she is still here, something which is seeming more likely with every day that passes.How could anyone have a pony and not check on her welfare for the best part of a week?We have heard now that she was seen wandering on MOnday about 2 miles from where she was found.
Kane the collie has gone on a 7 day trial to a vet from anglesey, there is a little apprehension about his behaviour with sheep and their own dog so I am hoping he will behave himself.We had no such problems here but dogs can behave so differently in another environment.I do need more dog foster homes, At the moment I just have Rosie to rely on to help with the homeless dogs of this area.Speaking of which - A sweet little dog has been admitted, Gwens owners moved to a house with no garden(so why did they move there?)and they want a new home for her.I hope she will find a home soon, she is a pretty labrador.collie but a little smaller which always makes finding a home that much easier. There has been no interest whatsoever in Billy the staff and he is such a nice dog, a great shame people have such a pre conceived image of these dogs, I did wonder if I would be able to place him though it is early days yet, I wont start panicking just yet!
I have never had so much interest in a dog as with Archie the timid lurcher, there have been dozens of nice people interested in giving him a home, there is a lady from Lancaster travelling up to see him tomorrow.His foster mum "Kaz" will be bringing him to the shelter to meet up with his prospective companion(another rescued lurcher) and his new owner(hopefully)
Another cat was returned, Merlin went out as a kitten and is only 6 months now but the child of the house developed an allergy so back he comes.At least he is young and friendly, I doubt he will be here very long at all.Toots is still in the house but is very grumpy indeed,I dont know if she will be happy living in my multipet household.What I need is someone willing to take on an elderly cat with recurring snuffles.Not much chance of that.
Our lovely Drum has left us for his new home where he will be joining their other horses as well as our own Big Murphy .They had taken Murphy as a companion to their own elderly horse but sadly he is at the end of his life and they did not want Murphy not to have a friend in his field.It has been a distressing time for Audrey and her mother, they have been very reluctant to lose their old horse but they had realised the time was near and so had made preparations to take Drum as soon as the upsetting deed had been done,I really feel for them.They truly love their horses.I cant wait to hear how our boy has settled in his new home.


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Thank you, unfortunately I am unable to speak spanish! I was in Lima last year when I trekked through the Andes for charity.