Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Teg is going to run for Freshfields

Another kind person is trying to raise funds for Freshfields. Tegid works here in Wales, he is part time and his job is with the cats and the dogs although he will help in any unit which needs help.He has kindly offered to do the Snowdon Run for Freshfields. It is a gruelling run to the top of Mount Snowdon and back down again(it takes me all my time to walk the 5 miles to the top )If I had a hat I would take it off to him in total admiration for his enthusiasm and fitness. Good old Teg, the welsh staff will be going to welcome him as he descends .He deserves all the support he can get and we will be cheering him on as he nears the finish line.He is pictured above with my William who likes to be in on everything.
The little Westie has arrived, she seems a very unhappy little dog and who could blame her after a life on a puppy farm, she is no trouble at all, is gentle and quiet and fits in well with my own dogs but she is homeable and someone is already interested in her.I cant keep them all and it does not seem right to keep an animal which would appeal to someone else and receive more attention than I could give.If she was an old girl I would consider it but she is only 4 years old.My heartstrings are being pulled but I have too many already so I must stay strong for her sake.
3 cats have been admitted over the past 2 days so I need to make an appointment to have them neutered next week.Rhian may be returning to work this Friday and then there will be enough staff to deal with a vets trip as well.She came up to see us yesterday, it was her first trip out driving her car since her concussion so she was feeling pleased that all had gone well.It will be good to have her back, she is always so cheerful and smiley.
I am struggling to learn how to update our Wales page on the new wensite.Helen(the manager of the Liverpool shelter) sent me clear instructions but I kept messing up, eventually Barbara took over and managed to get a few new animals on the site.Its just a matter of trying it a few times and Im sure it will all click into place though |I am not quick at learning new computer tricks.Practice makes perfect as the saying goes!

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