Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Meet Alfred, Jackson and Sasha)

There seems to be a problem uploading photographs., I hate it when the computer plays up,its so frustrating so I am unable to show the photos today, I will try again tomorrow.PHOTOS HERE NOW>
I felt I needed a short break from the diary but Im back on track again now.Jackson and Sasha are inseperable which makes homing them more difficult, not many people want two medium size dogs, its not an impossibility but we will see what happens and give it some time.If no success then they will be seperated and go to homes where there will be another dog for company.Hooch the Dogue went to a home where there was already a Freshfields(Liverpool) dog in residence and I hear they are getting on well together.Another lurcher was admitted, he is sharing Mollys space in the house, he is rather sorry looking - thin and suffering from flea exczema but nothing that can not be put to rights.He appears to be around 6 years of age, a gentle quiet dog who is now named Alfred after the dog in "Heartbeat".He has taken over Cindys indoor kennel, all dogs seem to like it there, i think they feel safe and secure inside it.I am often asked what I think of these cages and I did dislike the idea of using them but my experiences with this one have all been positive.Of course i only use mine when there is a new dog or a difficult dog to introduce to the others and then it is only in use only for very short periods of time.I would never condone a dog being put in one as punishment or for longer than a couple of hours.All my dogs regard it as a safe house and there is no distress at all when it is being used, far from it, it creates calmness and comfort.
A dog was returned after a year in her home though it was a genuine reason for bringing her back.Megan has been having very bad fights with the other dogs in the house and she needs to go to a home where she is the only dog.It seems to be a territorial issue as we never had a problem here with Megan and other dogs.She is a Parsons Jack russell, wirecoated and appealing so she should go quickly.
A tiny little Yorkshire terrier was admitted today and has temporarily joined the gang in the living room though I think Mei has her eye on her already. Her family lost their old Yorkie last year and Mei has 2 chihuahuas at the moment but wants to persuade her parents that another toy dog is just what they need!!!We will see!
Yesterday I emailed a letter to a well know horse Magazine"Horse and Rider"
bemoaning the fact that we receive next to no help from"horsey" people and even after placing an ad in another magazine which by rights should have successfully
tugged at the heartstrings of anyone who cared for horses, we received not a single donation. They are considering my letter for publication so I am keeping my fingers crossed as it may just do what the advert failed to do and bring us some support.
Little Martha the black kittencat who lost her eye shortly after arriving here has
gone to a home where there already lives a Freshfields cat, not to mention a Freshfields Pig(from the LIverpoool shelter)We are all pleased to see her go to this lovely home.
The only other cathomed this past week is Mary who was the last of her group to be chosen, she came in with several others when her owner died so they have all gone now and made space for others in need.
Its a lovely sunny day here today but it has been so cold, I was a bit premature planting out a hanging basket, all the plants have died so I need to plant again.I like to see plants around the place, it brightens up the yard though the cats tend to think the pots are just new litter trays and William is prone to lifting his leg at each one.Still nothing daunted,I will try again.Only hardy plants survive here, they need to withstand the weather AND the animals.Same goes for the staff too!

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