Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What a pretty girl

The old collie was claimed and to be fair he did seem overjoyed to see his farmer owner. Pero as the dog was called was tatty but he was not underweight and not timid either so I was relieved about that, its awful to be on a position of having to hand a dog over to someone of whom the animal is clearly frightened.Mind you that would happen over my dead body, if the animal was that scared,I would want to know why. Usually when a dog is that scared the owner does not turn up anyway so I am relieved of the decision making.
well the owner of the stray pony has turned up - a WEEK later! at least he has made a phone call and an abusive on at that! He has accused me of stealing his pony but I have told him I am acting on behalf of the police who requested me to help with the removal of the pony to a place of safety and so that is total nonsense.He has told me he his horsebox is off the road so will collect the pony when he has transport. I have told him he will need to pay us for a full weeks livery plus hire of horsebox etc and he will need to produce the ponys passport and proof of ID.Watch this space.
A lovely little pup came in today, she will be snapped up, she is in the house with Molly and seems fine, a little scared but thats natural when everything must seems o strange.her owner was unable to house train her but Fudge is only 16 weeks old so still has lots of time to learn.Her owner had young children and a pup is like having another baby, what she needs is someone who has the time to train her properly.

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