Saturday, 14 March 2009

The homecheck passes for pepsi and Caspar

The homecheck has passed with flying colours for the two ponies.(Photo here)The owner of the stray black mare still has not collected her. I hear he is going round saying I am refusing to let him have her back without paying! Well what does he expect? Does he think we can afford to provide free livery for a pony which has an owner who SHOULd have claimed her the first day she went missing and not over a week later.I took advice from both the Police and Redwings horse sanctuary in Norfolk, They deal with stray ponies a lot and there is a standard charge of £500 in many authorities in the UK to reclaim any equine found wandering and taken to a aplace of safety.Surely any owner would be only too happy to pay transport and a weeks livery fee if it meant his pony had been kept safe and cared for instead of wandering the streets where she was in danger of being involved in a road traffic accident.
He has until Wednesday to claim her, after that the police will apply to the magistrates court for her to be signed over into our care permanently.I did not want another pony but I have heard nothing since the man rang me to say his horse trailer was off the road and would collect her as soon as he could.There has been not a word since so its anybodys guess whether he has any intention of paying the costs incurred by the charity.If not so be it, we have another pony to care for.She is pictured here a few days after she arrived, unbelievable that there is snow in March! It looks like a typical Christmas scene.
Yesterday Mei and I checked out the free summer grazing that had been offered, it is ideal so we now have to decide which ponies would benefit most from it.Of course so many of ours are so old it would not be fair to transport them so we need to think carefully before a decision is made.We should be able to move 3 here and another three to the other fields we have been offered nearby.Most likely one choice would be the three youngsters once we have had them gelded.I dont think anyone would want three young stallions racing round their property trying to climb fences to get at any attractive mares in adjoining fields!

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