Sunday, 15 February 2009

A visiting bantam

Yes little Charlie pup went today, although I was pleased he has gone to a home, I was also delighted to have the kitchen puppyfree again.Its enough to cope with having big Moll, Skinny Sadie and Sally(the dog Im caring for whilst her owner is in hospital)though in all fairness Molly is very good with pups.Despite her size, she allows them to snuggle into her and share her bed.
Nobody has claimed the stray collie so far.I was half expecting a visit from a farmer today declaring the dog was a sheepdog in training!He is the sort of collie which is attractive to people - longhaired and young.The shortcoated ones do not seem to appeal as much to people, Barney and Minty are still with us after months of advertising them.I took some better photos of Minty today in the hope it may help to find him a home.He is not good with the horses at all and we have to be so careful that he is kept on a lead until he is away from the horses fields.
It has been a quiet weekend and apart from Charlie pup, we have homed just one adult cat today.Still, better than nothing at all and the cat today is Jay who is 7 years old and this is his second stay at the shelter, we homed him a few years ago and he was returned because -- the owners mother in law was going to live with her and she hated cats!!!!Not allergic, just didnt like cats! Well this has to be an excuse and not the truth surely.!He was returned along with their other 2 cats. Its just as well nobody wants to come and live with me who hates animals, they would not get over the doorstep!
A stray bantam has turned up in the pig field, occasionally hens from the next door farm wander on to our land but usually they are rhode island reds and this little fellow is white and black.Usually at the end of the day they disappear home but this one has been here for two days, its not safe here with the dogs so will have to make some attempts to catch him(that will be fun!!)
I was just about to finish this when Vanessasa started to bring the horses in, her son Richard was helping her and we noticed Noddy was not in his usual place at the front of the ponies,its a standing joke, he is always the last out, first in for food.Then we heard Rich shouting, we raced up to the field and Noddy was collapsed.We managed to get him on his feet but he went down again before he got to his stable.The vet has just been and given him an injection, we think its colic and he has to be monitored for the next couple of hours.I should not have tempted fate by saying it was quiet. Obviously because of Noddys great age any health issues can be serious, the vet says he has a heart murmer which is of no surprise, he had slowed down a lot in recent years.Please send positive thoughts tonight for him.

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Janice Gillett said...

Prayers for your pony.