Saturday, 14 February 2009

A very timid cat goes to a home.

Well, out of the 4 cats going to be neutered, one vanished the day it was due to go and out of the other 3, two had to be put down due to the terrible condition they were in(Only one made it to the shelter.Poor cats,what a hard life they must have had.We homed two cats today, one friendly adult and unbelievable one of our semi feral kittencats.She was a beautiful white and grey but needed a lot of work to bring her round, she was the best out of that particular litter but still very nervous.The new owners have a cat cage they will be using until she settles a little.All that litter are particularly pretty cats, so often that seems the case, so many beautiful feral cats are out there, it seems a shame to relegate them to farm homes though of course most cats would thoroughly enjoy that life.We want all cats to live a life of domesticity but in truth ferals in an outdoor home where they are fed regularly and have stables or barns to snuggle up to sleep on hay or straw bales can be the best environment for them. Certainly our ferals here seem to be very content, even the ones who are too wild to venture too near the house are happy enough to accept the hand that feeds them, at the same time not allowing too much familiarity! pictured above two of our pretty ferals Phoebe and Fliss.I had hoped for a lonmg time that they would find a home but it was not to be.I plan to release them here this summer.
Millie pup has gone to a new home and hopefully Charlie will be going tomorrow.They really are very bonny pups, no wonder they have had so much interest in them..
A stray collie has been brought in, he is young and in reasonable condition, we will see if anyone turns up to claim him in the next few days.
A young female ferret about 4 months of age has been admitted, she followed some children and has obviously been handled a lot, I need to find a suitable pet home for her, the Liverpool shelter has good facilities for them but I spoke to Lyn today and they have so many their is no room for any new admittances.She tells me that not many people have been asking for ferrets lately so none are going out to homes.There was a time when the pet rescue programmes were going out on TV, that ferrets were featured a lot in shelters and we had loads of enquiries and offers of homes.Clearly they are not the "Pet of the moment!.What a shame, they are such appealing creatures and such great fun to watch in play.
Rollo has gone to his new home and his new keeper has assured me he has settled in well with their own ponies.Always good to hear, I hate seeing them being loaded onto horse trailers, heaven knows what experiences they have had in the past, they must be fearful when they have been passed from pillar to post.Anyhow , after a difficult time getting him in he settled down and travelled well throughout the journey which was only short- Conway.

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