Tuesday, 10 February 2009

the Snow has cleared.

Well the snow is almost cleared today, at last the wild birds can get at their natural food and we can all get our vehicles up the track.Barry had to go to the Liverpool shelter for a meeting and he came back with his carladen with food for the animals here.They are so lucky having so much food donated all through the year.It is a big occasion when it happens here, like the other week when people from Colwyn Bay came with hundreds of pounds worth of horse food.It was like Christmas! A lady whose old ponies we took in, regularly buys us 25 bales of hay and Mion who is a cat fosterer for us, bought us loads of cat food instead of buying gifts for people.We appreciate every little bit of help we can get, although we have now been here 6 years, it is a short time to establish a shelter and new helpers are asured of a warm welcome.Bring them on!
I have heard from ken and Sally who gave a home to Princess, she is settling well and following Sally everywhere and someone is interested in her brother Rocky. Anya Lurcher too has settled in her new home which is great news and of course Christy(now Ben) is the pride and joy in his Dorset home.I have daily email bulletins from Wendy who keeps me up to date on Bens progress.For an ex farm dog, he has had a lot to learn and Wendy and her husband have showed so much patience and kindness.
Barbara is doing the home visit today for Rollo the shetland pony, the Daily Post did not take up the article about ponies needing homes too so I will try them again later. All the ponies are doing well with the exception of little old Connie ,one of the black shetlands(or bog woppets as the farrier calls them)who has to have lots of small feeds as she has hardly any teeth, her weight has dropped dramatically even though she is on the best feeds and supplements money can buy.If this continues to happen we will have to call out the vet for another check up.Connie pictured above with Noddy on the day she arrived 2 years ago.
An adult cat has been rehomed today, hopefully the improvement in the weather will bring more visitors to the shelter, though I dont like the look of the dark clouds gathering! Does this mean more snow? The little black pregnant cat has gone to the vet to be spayed and will be back later.There will be some new admittances this weekend including a young ginger stray and 4 unwanted cats from the same home(these are all being neutered by our vets today)
Now I have to sort out the bills and pay the urgent ones, a task I hate but it must be done.It must be a wonderful feeling running a shelter with millions in the bank, I doubt I will ever know that feeling!!Just enough to not worry would be great, I could live with that.

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