Monday, 9 August 2010

Misty comes and goes and the horses have visitors.

Bramble is improving daily, his head tilt is disappearing and he really enjoys his exercise though loses his balance still occasionally.He keeps an eye on me and the dogs ensuring he doesnt lose sight of us. I love the old animals, they always seem so happy to be somewhere safe and its truly heartwarming to see them start to "smile" again. I love this dog already.
I am sure it has been noticed that the format of the blog has changed.On an impulse I decided to change it and quickly found myself out of my depth so I floundered about a bit, lost my original format and ended up with this,I know the text colour is wrong but didnt know how to go back to other. I gave up in the end.If nobody likes it(dont think I do) I will endeavour again to improve it.

We will be admitting a baby ferret tomorrow which is at risk because of the owners dog who is desperate to get at it and make a meal of him. I can't see that happen and a baby will be easier to find a home for than an adult(I hope)Having said that I am sure someone offered to foster such animals for us so I will have to who offers help gets put in there, from those locally who offer practical help at the shelter to people who are scattered all over the Uk who help with doing homechecks out of our area. Oddly enough I have plenty of people to do these in the South of England but hardly anyone to do checks in Gwynedd!

Iam organising a coffee morning/cake sale for October(date will be confirmed this week) at The Royal Sportsman Hotel and will be putting out an appeal to people to bake cakes , make jams etc. I ,however, will NOT be one of those clever people as I have no talent whatsoever in that direction and in fact my staff all know when I am cooking because the smoke billows out of the kitchen window and the dogs quickly disappear into the back garden! So there will definitely be no burnt offerings from me.That is a promise
This morning I have had so many calls requesting help with cats and we have only one or two spaces left in the main cattery.It is a hard thing to do but they will have to be prioritised as to which case is the most urgent and of course their owners think that their own circumstances are most urgent. Probably due to the influx of kittens the adult cats are hardly moving at all which makes it impossible to find space for even the most desperate cats. I hate it when this situation occurs.
To add to the worry there are three dogs wanting to come back into our care and they are not the easiest dogs although having said that they have been in homes now for 2 -3 years with the exception Of Jim who has only recently left us.One is Sally who some may remember as the collie who was brought to us one evening by the police who at that time suspected her owner had been murdered.Sally was very traumatised and because of a few physchological problems remained with us for 18 months. We were so delighted when she finally found a home but now her new owner says she cannot cope with her so that begs the question -what on earth will we do with her this time. Everone here loved her but she often took a dislike to strangers and sometimes I would be exercising her up the top fields when she would spot a car coming up our track.Well that was it, she would take off like a Bat out of Hell with me desperately chasing after her.It was a big worry that she would hurt herself or cause an accident.Thankfully Rosie is without a foster dog at the moment so one will be going to her(That reminds me, I must tell her!) We have been amazingly lucky with our dog homes, very few have been returned since we started rescue work in Wales so by the law of averages, our good luck was bound to run out..Now I have to find suitable foster homes for the other two. I dare not take them here with Horrid Neighbour on the warpath again.

A bit of good news is that I have had interest in my proposed Kilimanjaro sponsored trek next year. A couple from Somerset on holiday here spotted the poster and are keen to do it I am sending them details and then we will decide which organisation to go with and be able to make our bookings pretty soon. Their interest has renewed my own enthusiasm. I will then have no excuse not to get fit again but it would be great if a few more would have a go, if each person raised £1,500 - 2,000 it would make a huge difference to the shelter. I know its going to be a tough trek, more difficult than the Inca trail but it will be a great achievement if we get to the top and think of the money we could raise.

Even better news is that the person who was accusing me of theft has agreeed to let me keep the animals.This was all because I gave shelter to the couples two dogs when nobody else would resulting in me ending up bang in the middle of an acrimonious divorce battle.It is not just children who end up being pawns in such disputes, in this case it was 2 dogs and although one had been homed almost as soon as I took them, the other had to remain in a foster home as I was unable to place her permanently with this business going on. Thank goodness it is over. I have lost more than one night of sleep over it.

I had recently been contacted to find a home for a dog called Misty, a young cross yorkshire terrier/collie! Rather a strange mix but what a sweet littledog she turned out to be.As luck would have it I found a prospective owner very quickly and all remained to be done was arrrange for Misty to arrive and the people to turn up to see her.I think it was the shortest time ever an animal was in our care.Pictured here with her new people who travelled from Wrexham with their dog who fell in love with Misty immediately.(as did the humans)Also pictured are the two adorable kittens admitted from the same home. I'm sure they will not be with us for very long.

Finally we had some visitors, holidaymakers who love horses, they spent some time here giving polo mints to the ponies and are pictured here with Mei admiring Shane, Bobby and Sam.

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