Monday, 30 August 2010

Will Luca be claimed and will Tess find a home?

I have done a special poster appeal for Tess the Staffordshire Bull terrier from the Dog Pound which I hope will draw some response.Our charity shops provide a good medium for displaying such appeals and they do elicit a generally good response from members of the public. Heres hoping! She seems so sad and no wonder, at her age she should be settled and secure in a permanent home, instead she has been from home to home , had several litters of pups(where are they now I wonder?)and ended up in a dog pound with a death sentence hanging over her.
Poor old girl. Staffies are not my favourite breed but my heart does go out to them and this one is so loving.

The German Shepherd 'Pup' we have called Luca and apart from hassling old Ben collie with his desire to mount him every few seconds, he seems a lovely dog albeit with a sexual identity problem!! For the first few hours Ben was thoroughly enjoying the attention and even returned it but after a while he became bored and tired with the game.Unfortunately Luca wanted to carry on so I have been forced to separate him from Ben,I dont want to lose another to a possible heart attack. I am beginning to wonder if this young German Shepherd will be claimed and if the man who allegedly found him, was in fact the owner! Surely if he had an owner looking for him he would have known by now that we had him? It has been registered with the police and the location where he was found is not too far from the shelter.It is also strange that he was taken to the police station with a newish lead which was left on him! Usually finders remove the lead to take home as it belongs to their own dog. Another discrepancy is that two different stories were given, we were told the finder lived in a flat and was not allowed dogs, however he went into a vet surgery an hour earlier with Luca and said he had found him but as he had two GSds himself he was unable to take him home! Which story , if either ,is the truth?

One of our ardent supporters Janet who lives in Derbyshire is mirroring our own sponsored dog walk on September 19th and is holding one herself to help us raise funds.Hers will be held at Doehill Country Park,Tibshelf ,Derbyshire and will begin at 1pm. Anyone in that area who may be interested ring Janet on 01773 875109 and she will provide sponsor forms
Christine Clarke who is the previous owner of our four lovely ponies Marcasite,Starlight, Solitaire and Carousel has also organised a fundraiser for Freshfields.She is holding a table top sale with stalls, hot food, coffeee/tea etc so anyone in the Barmouth area please support her endeavours and pop in for a cup of tea on september 25th at the Ganolfan Village hall,LLwyngwril, near Barmouth.
Derbyshire Janet as she is fondly known has been instrumental in homing many of our animals to wonderful homes with people she knows in her area and this week Rosie will be taking a few of our dogs which are fostered out, to new homes there. I have no idea how she will cope taking her own dogs plus the lucky ones from here but she is very capable and she assures me she can manage them all so who am I to question her organisational skills? Sooner her than me, its a motley crew she will have in her campavan. Rocco collie cross will be on the trip, also Tommy Jack russell and Pippa Jack Russell plus Rosies own 5 dogs. Good luck to her, she will need it! Janet also manages to sell lots of our sales goods, calendars, xmas cards etc so Rosie will also have loads and loads of bags of these to squeeze in somewhere. I dont know where she thinks she is going to sleep?
Through the window of the office I can see a Buzzard circling overhead and he is being dive bombed by small birds who seem determined to see him off their territory.It never ceases to amaze me that they do this, should the buzzard turn he could easily make a meal out of them but they continue to hassle him and I have yet to see them not succeed in their efforts to draw them away from their nests. We have a few Buzzards living close to the property and I do confess to being a little worried about the old cats Yesterday there was one right overhead and flying fairly low when I took the dogs out. He was so low I felt obliged to pick up Charley Patch my 10 yrs jack Russell just in case!! I dont really think he would have been of interest but the bird was flying so close to me I was unnerved. I know they have to eat to survive but I dont want them to make a meal out of any of my animals. I even will the little birds and the small animals on the fields to run away or fly away quickly which is very selfish of me. BIrds of Prey are stunning to watch as they fly over the fields with their lazy easy flight , I just do not want to see them dive for the kill. It is also why I do not watch many nature documentaries,I am far too squeamish and hate to see graphic close ups of nature at its most fierce and violent. I accept such things are a fact of nature but that does not mean I need to watch them happening! Do other people feel the same? My mum used to switch off the television when anything unpleasant was shown and Im afraid I do the same.
I am off to type up the minutes of the Trustee Reports now. I hope I am able to read my own rather illegible handwriting.


Kathryn said...

Lesley, I am so sorry to read about the loss of your beautiful Great Dane. Coming on top of your recent loss of William, this must be very hard to bear. Am thinking of you, and wishing all the best in your ongoing work.

pamela said...

Thats one seriously gorgeous Staffy in my totally unbiased opinion . My present bullterrier would hate her so I cant do anything, but I so hope she gets a nice home soon.
So sorry to hear about Molly.

lesley said...

Thanks both of you, for the thoughts about Moll. yes it is hard to bear so soon after losing William. It is the fact there are other animals to care for here that keeps me going, no time to wallow!